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Where do I find these?!

Can You Recommend a Good Boxed Wine?Product & Shopping Questions
5/9/12 07:54 PM

Thanks for all the suggestions, I thought this might be a well commented question. I also appreciate that most of you were so respectful in your comments and recognize that we are supporting our son's preference of all things pink but that there is also a stereotype regarding boys and pink that can be difficult to get past.

My favorite idea was making a large scale painting and allowing my son to choose the colors. I happened to buy a large canvas when they were on sale at Michael's. We'll be getting to work on it soon so I'll send in a picture when it's done although I imagine that might take awhile.

Thanks again for all the great suggestions!

Pink Decor for Little Boy's Room?
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3/22/12 12:07 PM

@EEKA, that comment was nasty, unnecessary, and not factual. Many non-Christians celebrate Christmas and there is Hanukkah and Kwanzaa during the month of December.

An Alternative to the No Gift Birthday Party
3/19/12 11:57 PM

Love the idea of putting wooden blocks in the kitchen to make "food" with, I never would have thought of that!

Fancy Kids' Play Food A Roundup of Gourmet Play Food Options
2/23/12 12:29 AM

We moved this year and have a lot more space. Our garden did go in a bit late but we live in San Diego so our growing season is pretty long, almost all year long!

corn, about 75
zucchini, about 7-8 plants
yellow squash, about 3-4 plants
watermelon, 15 plants
potatoes, two trash cans
artichokes, about 12 plants
jalepeno peppers, 4 plants
tomatoes, about 25-30 plants plus a few volunteers
bush beans, 5-6
pole beans, 10 or so
strawberries, 8 plants
1 raspberry plant
greens (kale, chard, etc)
not sure if I'm forgetting anything else...

Needless to say we're doing some canning/freezing this year!

What's Growing in Your Garden This Summer?
6/28/11 10:00 PM

WOW, I am so impressed with all the suggestions. Thanks!

Sources for Affordable Books Besides the Library
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1/5/11 01:35 AM

Lots of good ideas. I asked for a freezer for Christmas because I go through phases of wanting to cook. So, I make a bunch of meals when I'm in the mood and then we still eat good when I'm not! A suggestion I loved: make casseroles in a dish lined with foil and then wax paper. Freeze it in the dish and then pull out the casserole and wrap completely. When you want to cook it it will fit in your baking dish perfectly. No need to buy tin baking dishes! Does that make sense?

Meals that Freeze Well
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12/17/10 04:48 PM

I did this for all the new dishes I made this year and the practice ones tasted better then the Thanksgiving day ones did. I do agree it's a good idea, though. I think it would have helped if I had written down everything that I was happy about as well as the things I wanted to change. Next time!

Have You Ever Staged a Practice Dinner in Preparation?
12/8/10 03:46 PM

Just to make things a bit clearer, co-sleeping means sharing a ROOM and bed-sharing means sharing a bed. It seems a number of people are confused about this. We also shared a bed with our son and then transitioned him to a twin mattress on the floor. We never had any problems with it until he was over 2 (now he realizes he can climb out by himself). Of course, now is the time we would transition him to a toddler bed anyway. I think you could easily avoid the crib altogether, even if you didn't bed-share or co-sleep. Some friends of ours were unable to co-sleep because their daughter is such a noisy wiggly sleeper. Like many of the comments you'll have to feel it out when your little one arrives. Skip the crib, get a bassinet/co-sleeper and decide a few months after s/he is born. Good luck!

Postponing a Crib Purchase
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10/13/10 03:43 PM

The dollar store, Micheal's, and Target dollar spot are great places to look. I have a plane bag, a restaurant bag, and a church bag. The things inside are only played with at those locations so they are new every time! We have dollar spot books, coloring books (never had a problem with the crayons), play clay, stickers, an old cell phone, flash cards, mini dry erase boards (that are also magnetic), mini etch-a-sketch, snacks (ones we don't normally buy so they are novel), ziploc of letters (I have sets that are printed on cardboard), etc. I don't put all the same things in each bag so there is some variety. I sometimes do two airplane bags, one for the ride there and one for the ride back. Good luck!

What To Put In a Travel Bag for Toddlers
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10/8/10 02:53 PM

We just went apple picking and I have been scouring the internet for good recipes. I used these two slow cooker recipes, one for applesauce:
and one for apple butter:

I'm also making these muffins w/out the caramel sauce and freezing them:


What Are Some Great Healthy Apple Recipes for Fall?
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10/4/10 11:43 AM