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I love this shop. It's rare that I love EVERYTHING. I feel like they just copied my pinterest board and made a store out of it.

Campbell Cheese & Grocery in BrooklynStore Profile
10/23/13 02:48 PM

I'm sure it either kills you or will be the start of some kind zombie-like sickness... also, the zombies can't get wet

Seriously, Is this Magic in a Can or What? NeverWet!
6/27/13 01:34 PM

i like books!

Enter to Win a Copy of True Brews by Emma Christensen Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/23/13 02:23 PM

I've been looking for more interesting ways to lock myself out of my house

Smartphones to Replace Front Door Keys
5/15/13 12:21 PM

awesome, great job

Seth & Allison's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/23/13 01:59 PM

april fools?

Before & After:
A Bertoia Chair, from Cold to Cuddly

4/1/13 11:33 AM

This looks really dangerous... I want to do it

A DIY Stairway Slide The Contemplative Creative
2/19/13 04:49 PM

I was just about to comment on the backwards flag, thanks SGGVT04 for pointing it out.

2 Perfect Rooms: Brother & Sister Style Desire to Inspire
3/14/12 05:09 PM

I've had this dish rack for about a year. It's beautiful, that's important. My only issues would be the knife rack (with larger knives, the tip of the blade end up resting on the plastic, rather than being held by the rack... which is fine since I'd prefer to dry my knives immediately anyway). The spout and everything underneath are a bit tricky to clean.

As far as your broken spout, is that covered under the warranty?

Bamboo Dish Rack from Simplehuman
Product Review

2/6/12 02:28 PM

Great shots Leela Cyd Ross

Breakfast Recipe: Banana Muffin Tops with Steel-Cut Oatmeal
1/18/12 01:24 PM

i despise instagram. it's the comic sans of photography

Shooting Your Space: Using Instagram to Capture Vignettes
10/19/11 02:53 PM

Fuji x100, that is all

Our Fav Retro Inspired Digital Cameras
10/17/11 04:49 PM

i really like it, but i see a flaw.
in the video, the show a father and son using it on their own laps. while you can scroll around and type, you can not click. the track pad require a surface for feedback for the click to work. unless you're just pressing the nub in the back like button

The Best $30 I've Ever Spent (For Cleaning Up My Desk)
10/13/11 04:19 PM

I think the SimpleHuman toilet brush is one of the sexier (if there is such a thing) toilet brushes around:

The Dirt on Toilet Cleaning: Top Plungers & Brushes
8/18/11 04:39 PM

Brilliant! I've been sitting around wondering how i could get behind the fabric and pull it back...der

How To Fix Cat-Claw Marks With A Corkscrew!
7/8/11 07:01 PM

Agreed, I've had my Lodge grill/griddle for years, it's fantastic

What Is the Best Stovetop Grill to Buy?
Good Questions

6/8/11 10:36 AM

I LOOOVE Giraffes. I'll be buying this print from etsy.

Put a Giraffe On It
3/18/11 08:16 PM

I was just about to mention the
Coava Kone

as hydroplanes mentioned above

hario makes a flannel filter that is reusable, i'd be curious to see if there is someething similar for the chemex

I also don't know where those prices for the chemex came from, I believe they go for $30-$40

Chemex Handblown Coffeemaker
Daily Find

2/21/11 09:43 PM

I think it's a little crazy to call it a rule. My ceilings are over 9ft tall (some wacky doodle old building height). At 57" on center, it would look like my artwork is on the floor. I currently have series of 5 photographs, 21x17 hung at 70" on center.

Day 19: Hang Artwork
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/11/10 10:27 PM

I always grab references for inspiration, but found my desktop (literal and computeral) became cluttered quickly.

i use pinterest now, its pretty awesome... i have a different board for every room and it basically lets you pin an image to a virtual space... all organized and awesome like.

Day 3: Find Inspirational Photos For Your Home
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/20/10 11:18 AM