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Thanks for the responses & advice guys. I'm SO glad I didn't go willy nilly on it before checking in with the gurus (that's you). I've decided to leave it as is... for now anyway :)

How To Cut Rug Without Edges Fraying?
Good Questions

4/15/11 01:29 AM

You've got some nice tables in this cottage! Wow... I like.

Bianca's Bright White Cottage
4/12/11 02:30 AM

Ok, I'll start by saying that I haven't consumed any type of drug and I've only had ONE glass of wine. Now, with that said, doesn't it look like one art piece is "speaking" to the other?? The one guy is peeking out from behind the sofa, and the other is hiding his face as if to say, "Stop looking at me like that". LOL (I can be special sometimes). Anyhoo, this is a great looking place. I favorite'd.

Adam's Multi Functional Spaces
4/12/11 02:22 AM

That's one sexy bathroom, me oh my. If you asked me to move in, I wouldn't say no lol. What I'm basically saying is that I love your place. Good luck in the contest!

Heidi's Every Inch Counts
4/12/11 01:54 AM

I've looked a lot of entries today, yet this is the only one I've commented on. You know what that means... I LOVE IT! It has style, organization, interest, character, function... my vote :) I just dig it. Great job & good luck in the contest.

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/12/11 01:43 AM

@alexismarie, I feel the exact same way. One day I stumbled upon this site and I'm so glad I did. I instantly became addicted because, regarding home & design, there's always something interesting and/or inspirational to me here. Before AT, I wouldn't have even considered hosting a gathering or ANYTHING. After AT, I mustered up enough chutzpah to host a casual dinner party in my 1 bdrm - which is approx. 450 sq ft. I fit 11 comfortably and we had a great time... HELLO! Thanks AT, keep the good stuff comin'.

Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy
Part 2 - Your Home is a Path, Not a Place

4/12/11 01:03 AM

I'm really digging the bedroom, I'd love to see the rest of it; and that gray paint in the dining room/area... LOVE - it's the perfect backdrop for those particular art pieces. I'm with the others who want a full tour.

Marian & Sig's Awesome Apartment
House Call

4/1/11 01:34 AM

This looks really good, I like it.

Before & After: Michelle's Welcoming Courtyard
Three Men and a Lady

3/30/11 01:19 AM

Ooh this is going to be fun! I love plants; I LOVE flowers; I'm so interested in gardening, period. Here's my 2 cents... I'm big on B&A pics also, they really help to inspire me. In addition to seeing lots of them, I think it would be cool to have short videos every now and then, showing how to plant or pot, how to prune, quick, simple ways to update or improve... things like that. I look forward to seeing more posts from you... Welcome to AT!

Garden Design Comes to Apartment Therapy
The Gardenist

3/23/11 08:43 PM

I have one of those sinks; I've had it for years. Like some others have mentioned, letting it soak with hot water and a bit of bleach works wonders! I also have CLR, and used it in the laundry room sink... Worked wonders! However, for regular maintenance I do use the bleach method.

How To Improve Vintage Cast-Iron/Porcelain Kitchen Sink?
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3/22/11 01:38 AM

Great rug! Your home IS cheerful, and I think it looks good. I have to admit, the tv sitting so low threw me off a bit.

Lilly's Family Home in Greenwich Village
House Call

3/20/11 01:31 AM

I think this home looks comfortable, which is great, and the fact that it works for the inhabitants is even better. I just don't know that it was worthy of a house tour. I feel like I just looked at a hundred pictures of their living room. Oh well... whatever... cute home guys.

Ann & Bart's Patiently Furnished Home
House Tour

3/5/11 02:54 AM

I rEEEAAALLY love this place! There are so many things to comment on and adore that I won't even start. This condo looks SO good; u guys did a great job & if u ever feel like u need to get away, I'll housesit for ya! Heck, I'll move in if u want lol

Michael & Benjamin's Modern Contemporary Apartment
House Tour

3/4/11 05:40 PM

This is a really good looking apartment... so stylish! Even with the sleek elements in the decor, it still looks comfy - I like that. Great job!

Paul's Perfectly Suited Studio
House Tour

2/23/11 01:09 AM

I absolutely would live here... no doubt about it. I love your home Edyta... it looks stylish, well put together, welcoming, comfortable, cheerful, clean, organized... I could go on. Great job!

Edyta's Modern with a Dab of Drama Home
House Tour

2/21/11 03:19 AM

This storage piece is cool, I really like it! I'm sometimes taken aback when I see such strong, opinionated, commentary in these posts. I acknowledge & respect that we all have different tastes/style/whatever, and I also acknowledge that when we share our opinions on AT that we ARE talking about someone's home and their efforts. If we don't like something, of course we can say as much, however shouldn't we (try to) be more considerate when commenting? Ok, I'm done.

Before & After: From Glum Gray to Glam Gold
2/21/11 02:15 AM

This is a really good start, and it's way easy to make the copper tile make more sense. Quick fixes: rug, artwork, window treatment, and/or canisters for the countertop in coordinating colors. Done! Copper tile now ties in to the rest of the kitchen. One or all of the above-mentioned will make a big impact.

Before & After: Dated Kitchen Transformation
2/16/11 03:59 PM

Aw, what a sweet post... I really enjoyed it. I'm not currently living in my dream home, however I do feel blessed to have a home period. I just drew up the floor plan of my dream home a few days ago and, "Someday, someday", is exactly what I was thinking as I sketched the last window onto the paper.

Someday, Someday: Embracing Your Dream Home Style
2/13/11 10:49 PM

Something tells me that if this post wasn't labeled as "before & after", there wouldn't be so many unhappy AT'ers. I get what some are saying about small changes/big impact/zero budget, and I'm all for it. On the flip side, this really isn't a good representation of the before & after concept. Bottom line, I think the post is fine, just labeled incorrectly which makes it a bit misleading when one is looking for a certain type of inspiration. Regina, I'm glad you have a better functioning desk area and... that you found a better way to organize your stuff. Good for you.

Before & After: The Bedroom Desk Gets Organized
2/9/11 02:37 PM

here's an example:

How To Cover Up Vertical Blinds In A Rental?
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2/7/11 02:19 AM