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oh man i'm a sucker for retro modern and you pulled it off amazingly well. great job!

Jeff's "Modern Primary" Room
10/23/10 05:08 PM

wow. as a graphic designer i always find myself gravitating to mondrian's clean lines and grid patterns. well done on incorporating it into your room's interior design.

Galina 's "Piet Mondrian" Bathroom
10/23/10 05:06 PM


Sacha's "Retro Rocket" Room
10/23/10 04:56 PM

thanks for the info. i'm really looking forward to using facetime eventually. though i think i'll wait til it's out of beta before putting it on my mac. plus i have an iphone 3gs which i've decided to keep for awhile longer since the iphone 4 is more of a want than a need.

5 Interesting Things About FaceTime
10/23/10 04:51 PM

wow. now that's beautiful.

Organic Fiber Optic Lighting
10/2/10 08:31 PM