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You're better looking places that aren't downtown. There are plenty of neighborhoods in the city that aren't bad where you can still find decent rent. I go to an art school downtown, and the best thing I ever did was get OUT of the downtown area.

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8/1/11 09:28 PM

Ugh, I've been looking for a vanity like this forever. I love the new color, and the stool is amazing!

Before & After: An Outdated Desk Goes Gorgeous and Girly
7/18/11 09:44 PM

Woah, paranoia. I'm in my early 20s and live alone. Last time I opened the door for a stranger at night it was a neighbor who smelled the smoke from the disaster I had made in the kitchen. He was checking to make sure we were all right, and I live in a mediocre neighborhood in Chicago. I can't imagine where you people are that you're so afraid of your neighbors and people in general...

When Do You Open Your Front Door?
3/18/11 05:52 PM

I was an iPhone user for three years, until I realized how badly both the phone and ATT sucked. I'm now obsessed with my Droid Incredible, it's 100 times more intuitive, user friendly, and customizable than the iPhone.

Help Me Choose My 1st Cell Phone in 5 Years
3/4/11 02:47 PM

LOVE the bed.

Before & After: From Disaster to Delightful in 2 Days
2/2/11 07:32 PM

I have a ridiculously long skinny hallway also. The previous owners had one side of it painted an awful spring green and the opposite wall and the other wall a dark evergreen. We painted it the same color as the living room, and I have mirrors hung on one side, and plan on adding more art to the other. It's hard to balance what I want because of all the doors.

How To Make Better Use Of Long Hallway?
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2/2/11 07:27 PM

How is it irresponsible to spike a drink? I assume people know that there is booze in the eggnog... a little extra never hurt anyone. Chill out.

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12/20/10 10:45 PM

I live in a garden apartment, and we have semi-sheer Roman shades that let in some light, but don't allow anyone to see inside. In the kitchen we have those cordless honeycomb shades and they let in so much light. They also look really clean and were very very easy to install. They were also pretty cheap on overstock.

Window Treatments that Allow Light & Provide Privacy?
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10/11/10 02:55 PM