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big thumbs up to mangosteen, big thumbs down to durian. i challenge you to get past the smell of durian long enough to swallow it...but i know people who love it. it definitely seems to be a love it/hate it fruit. mangosteen, on the other hand, looks cool and tastes delicious. the texture is kind of like a peeled grape. love it!

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8/6/09 11:29 PM

i am in love with this place...plus, he has one of my furniture items that i consider is a goal to own one day (the case study storage unit). this is one of the few places that i see photos of that i feel i could move in exactly as it is and not want to change a thing!

two questions.
one: i am enamored with the item that looks like some sort of directory for emergency treatment (photo 25). any idea what these are called? i'm trying to figure out how i'd search for one online.

two: you mention bachelor pad. is he single? heterosexual? can't blame me for inquiring. :)

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6/29/09 01:24 PM

i saw nothing in the article that made any distinction as to whether these are single women or women in a relationship. studies have shown that both men and women in relationships tend to gain more weight than those who are single, and it makes me wonder whether they are comparing single women in apartments to women in a long term relationship who cohabit a house.

regardless, without seeing the study itself i have to disagree with it. since becoming a homeowner i have a yard which i have to mow weekly (with my manual push reel mower), not to mention keep up on the garden and all the other projects around the house. snow in the winter? i'm out there shoveling...but then again i am a single female in a house.

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6/22/09 05:24 PM

i used to have that lichtenstein print...don't remember what happened to it. not sure if you've noticed it, but the finger points at you no matter where you're standing - an interesting optical illusion!

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3/26/09 11:45 PM

creative*type - the film that i got is private no matter where you're looking at it from. 2jane.com does offer a pack of samples if it is something you are worried about - the orba film is a white design on a partially opaque background but i think others might have clear parts to it.

hope that helps!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Celeste's KTown Privacy Solution
3/18/09 05:06 PM

i second that! i got emma jeff's "orba" through 2jane.com about two years ago to cover a big glass pane in my back door. it provides privacy, lets light in, and looks cool. when i first was looking for a solution i came across lots of patterned films that ranged from horribly gaudy to ones that gave the effect of a shower door. stumbling on emma jeff's window films made all the difference, and since then i have successfully recommended these to other people.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Celeste's KTown Privacy Solution
3/17/09 09:54 PM

looks like so far i've got a 1 in 1000 chance to win it...but i'll cross my fingers that luck is on my side!

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7/11/08 12:46 PM

the furniture and the cat are great, but no one has commented on the san-x doghouse dog! i've got one of those - he has a little bird that sits under his ear. a subtle but great thing about this photo! :)

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5/30/08 05:50 AM

i love going to ikea. i get all blissed out looking at the different room setups while people around me get agitated with their shopping experience. i live in a city where the closest ikea is about an 16 hour drive, so i have not been able to get my ikea fix for quite some time. :(

when i lived in london and just *had* to get to the only ikea there, i would take the tube and walk what seemed like forever to get there...then pay to get the items delivered. that was probably the most extreme experience but i still looked forward to it.

i prefer to be able to see ikea stuff in person - some things look just as good (if not better) than in the catalogue, whereas others look a lot cheaper and poorly made in person. so even if ikea's shipping became reasonable, i'd still only use it for small stuff.

another tip - right when they open, especially during the week, is a great time to get there.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Pre-Traumatic IKEA Syndrome
5/16/08 09:23 AM

i have to agree that hazel is the best part of the house, but then again i'm a sucker for a grey-faced vizsla! :)

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5/3/08 07:33 AM

i would love to win this in a super-duper way. thanks, at & imagekind!

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5/1/08 12:12 PM

hi aaron,

thanks for the reply. i guess i was thinking replacement because there was no back cushion (and was reading people's concerns about metal in the sun) and figured i'd get a thicker bottom cushion. i think at this point i'll probably just end up getting the set and sitting in it and will see...cb2/crate & barrel have always (in my mind) had a very good return policy.

thanks for featuring it - it's the closest i've found to something modern and reasonable!

Apartment Therapy New York | Buena Park Outdoor Seating from CB2
3/14/08 11:46 AM

i have been having a terrible time finding patio furniture in this price range that is modern (no, no, no, no wicker!) in style. after assessing what this furniture would cost once i replaced the cushions with more comfortable back and seat cushions, i might as well be looking at crate and barrel.

does anyone have suggestions for good sites for affordable and modern patio furniture? i was hoping to get two deep seating/lounge (not dining) chairs and possibly an ottoman. places like smith & hawken seem to be way out of my price range. :(

Apartment Therapy New York | Buena Park Outdoor Seating from CB2
3/14/08 09:13 AM

i bought this table, in maple veneer. i had looked at ikea's comparable tables and found them to be wobbly. this table is definitely heavy and not wobbly. as said before, it is veneer. i found it to be a notch above ikea but not the solid wood level of crate and barrel, but then again cb2 is for those that can't afford solid wood tables...all the ones i saw were well over 1k and i just couldn't afford it.

my advice overall is pay as much money as you possibly can for a table. it just happened that this was the max for me. you might also want to find out about cb2's return policy for the table - i had bought something else from cb2 at one point and didn't like the way it looked in person. i brought it over to a crate and barrel store and they happily refunded my money with no problems at all. good luck!

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12/7/07 06:45 AM