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This seems like it would be perfect since it looks like it's really close to an entrance door?

Removed 80's Wet Bar - Now What?
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1/31/12 09:42 AM

When I was working part time hours (my husband was full time) I took on the bulk of the housework. Mostly because I actually like to live in a clean home. But he had his chores. He didn't get a free ride just because he sat at a desk for 8 hours. And dinner was never ready when he got home...mostly because who knew when that was going to happen (With traffic and all). So we split the work, but I just played management at my house and made sure it all got done....correctly.

Home Ec.: What is Your Housework Worth?
1/30/12 09:06 AM

ok, just curious. Might be that my monitor's color is a little off, but the bow looks red? Which could be either a boy or a girl! I'm curious, boy or girl??? :-)

Another Little Pumpkin: Creative Pregnancy/Gender Announcement
11/9/11 02:37 PM

Yup! Squirrels actually took the top off of one of our pumpkins after chewing off it's face. The top was no where to be found one day!

Ants got to the other one, but didn't do any noticeable damage, and they weren't there for long. Thankfully. Next year, we'll just put them out the night of Halloween. Thanks for the tip!

Vinegar Prevents Squirrels from Eating Jack-O-Lanterns
11/1/11 10:17 AM

I've seen some amazing stone looking laminate if you're on a budget. We have ugly tan laminate countertops, so we're looking to replace that some time soon. We're highly considering the stone looking laminate since I don't care all that much if it's actual stone. (Actually, real stone you have to take care of on a consistent basis)

Has Anyone Used Giani Granite Countertop Paint?
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10/27/11 09:52 AM

I'll have to admit, I've dreamt of recreating the YHL's office. This is an ok interpretation. Pretty sweet for $100. And I'm pretty sure those curtains use the exact same fabric as YHL.

Before & After: A Dining Room to Office Makeover
The Weekend Homemaker

10/20/11 09:54 AM

Mesh/breathable ones are wonderful. We used one until our little one turned around a year old, then we bought a nice fluffy one (cause she always shoved herself in the looked very uncomfortable.) So go mesh. They're wonderful.

Alternatives to Crib Bumpers
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7/22/11 10:36 PM

I can! But I spend a pretty solid afternoon watching you tube videos. And I also generally have to try a few times before I get a sheet folded correctly. :)

Can You Fold a Fitted Sheet?

7/19/11 10:31 PM

Ok, we just did a 7 hours car ride. Granted there were two of us, but that didn't really matter...

We woke up at 3 in the morning, got her up and playing. (She was surprisingly happy for being woke up 5 hours early!) We got her fed and dressed in comfy cool clothes, then strapped her into the carseat around 4am.

She was wide awake and 'talking' to us for a good hour or so, then she fell asleep! She was asleep for about 3 hours - so we were half way there at 8am. We pulled over and had an hour or 2 long breakfast to let her play, then back in the car!

Same thing happened, she was awake for an hour, then fell asleep and we were there! We did the same thing coming home since it worked so well, and it worked out EXACTLY the same.

I guess the trick is to know your little one and how they sleep...and then drive while they sleep! Good luck!

Survival Tips for Driving Alone with an Infant
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7/7/11 03:49 PM

find a bunch of plates in different sizes and textures at a thrift shop. Spray paint and coat with some sealer to make it shiny and finished. Then arrange them all over the wall (Not all over, maybe do a 4 feet x 4 feet area). It will bring in tons of color and interesting look to the room :)

Suggestions for Filling Blank Wall?
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7/7/11 03:37 PM

Here's a really crazy idea...(just for the fun of giving you a different idea than already posted)...

Take ALL the side drawers out. From both sides. Then re purpose all that space as a bookshelf full of books and decorative pieces.

THEN, take those remaining 5 drawers that you took out and re purpose those into another pieces of furniture completely. Perhaps a tower where you stack the drawers, or line them up side by side and create an under the bed type storage.

I wasn't really sold by the idea until I started typing this up, now I'm totally in favor for it... :)

Solution For Missing Dresser Drawer?
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6/29/11 08:08 AM

I love the idea of a pale yellow. Kind of like in this picture:

It will compliment your neighbor's houses, and tie yours in with theirs!

What Color Would You Paint this House?
5/31/11 08:59 PM

My daughter slept in the same room with us for a few weeks, but after becoming a mommy, I was sooooo sensitive to her sounds that I woke up when she even took a deep breath! So her sleeping in the same room did not work at all...Luckily we only have her right now, so no siblings sharing rooms.

Also, I read the ferber book, and I agree. CIO method didn't completely work for our family, but there are some really helpful tips in there. Highly recommend reading it if your little one has problems falling/staying asleep! my little one started sleeping a billion times better 2 weeks after using his tips! Now she's about 11 months old and goes to sleep without a sound (on her own) and stays asleep for 12 hours! <3

Sleep Issues and Shared Bedrooms
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5/27/11 09:41 PM

I keep my eye on Kohls, because they have this one brand there, the name escaping me at the moment, goes on sale once in a while for $4 a bath towel! Orgionally 10 or something? I bought my first few about 2 years ago and the color and texture is still perfect! Nice and fluffy! I snag more of them every time I see them on sale!

How Much Are You Willing To Spend on Bathroom Towels?
5/19/11 12:34 PM

A Changing table! I know, *gasp*. We just bought a curved changing pad, and used it on our dresser for a while. (The dresser was out in the main room in our tiny place.)

We have since moved, and the little one has her own room. We just threw the changing pad on the floor now because she's so wiggly that we change her while she's standing up half the time and an elevated area seems so dangerous now. Besides, when we want more floor space we can just throw the changing pad in the closet!

What Did You Think You Couldn't Live Without...But Can?
5/13/11 09:04 PM

When we leave the house, I turn the heat down to 50 so it's not too cold once we get home. But I have an 8 month old, so I can't just forgo the heat...wish I could, it's so expensive!

A Winter Without Heat (So Far!) Tips To Stay Warm
2/22/11 11:22 AM

I know home depot has a scraper meant for removing the texture from ceilings. It comes with a bag attached to catch the stuff you scrap off. Not sure how well it works. But if you can afford it, I'd hire a professional especially if it does/could contain asbestos.

And btw, I love the contrast between the style of the ceiling and the more modern fan. I'd tackle some other projects before worrying about this ceiling. It looks lovely! (In my opinion)

How To Remove Plaster Detailing On Ceiling?
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2/10/11 01:37 PM

i don't think the Amy Butler is the same one, but i love it!

Source For Duvet Cover?
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1/20/11 07:19 PM

aw, it looks sad. It doesn't look like a child lives in there at all. Maybe his future teenage anti-social self...but not a child :(

When Is Minimalist Too Minimal?
1/19/11 04:10 PM

We use one every night, and even for naps. We started because our little one had a stuffy nose, but kept using it. We noticed she slept MUCH better when we had it on. <---we can only guess it's because of the white noise. Bonus is she hasn't had a stuffy nose or really a cold since we started using it months ago. She's now 7 months! So it gives you more benefits than just a white noise machine.

Benefits of Humidifier or Vaporizer In the Nursery?
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1/13/11 02:17 PM