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Check out Crate and Barrel's How to Measure guide. The guide provides instructions about what and where to measure in your home before buying a piece of furniture: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/resource-guide/how-to-measure.aspx

Be sure to measure the width of your hallway and width/height of your front door as well! I live in an old tenement with long, narrow hallways. Each side of the building has two apartments per floor, and the front doors to each apartment are on the side walls, and not across across from each other. This means you can't ask your neighbor across the hall to open their front door to give you more wiggle room to move in a piece of furniture.

I know some stores like Ethan Allen will have someone visit your home and take measurements to confirm the furniture will fit before processing the order.

If the furniture has feet/legs, check if they are removable, this will give you an extra few inches of moving room. Not all feet come off. For example, the Colefax Chair from Hickory Chair: http://www.hickorychair.com/Furniture/All-Furniture/Upholstery/i504577-Colefax-Chair.aspx, has feet underneath the skirt. The feet are about 4" tall. I assumed they would unscrew from the bottom of the chair, but emailed customer service to check. Turns out the feet are part of the chair frame and do not come off.

Be sure to review all areas of the building before ordering. Even if a store will accept a return if furniture does not fit through the hall/door, the shipping/delivery fees are most likely not refundable.

Good luck!
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5 Furniture Buying Tips for Apartments with Small Stairwells
3/15/12 12:50 PM

Chelsea Flea Market. In the garage on 25th between 6th and 7th. There's an African Art vendor who sells Bamileke stools, but they're not lacquered.

Help! Source This Bamileke Stool?
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2/3/11 02:18 PM

Brooklyn Alice,
Ideally I want to the wardrobe to make an el shape, whether its with 22" D or 14" deep or one of both. I'm just not sure what would work best. I've never bought a pax wardrobe before, or seen any pax wardrobes in crooked oddly shaped apartments like mine.

Suggestions For Wardrobe In Small Apartment
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1/28/11 02:32 PM

what's wrong w/the 14" clothes hanger? Does it not work very well? I cant' find any reviews that talk about the 14" clothes hanger. I'm curious because I'm starting to think the 14" D was a better option to minimize eating up the room (it's only 11' wide), but if it doesn't work very well, then I doubt it's worth it.

Anyone, any thoughts on the 14" D ?

Suggestions For Wardrobe In Small Apartment
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1/28/11 02:30 PM

Thanks for all the feedback. I'm the one who asked the question. Larua E. (first response) brings up a good point. Does anyone with the 22" D Pax find it too deep for most clothes, towels, etc?

When I visited Ikea last weekend the sales associate I spoke with in the Pax section more or less wrote off the 14" Pax b/c it has few interior fittings. I was also surprised the store only had one 14" D wardrobe on display. It's NYC, who has room for gigantic wardrobes? The 14" deep has the unconventional clothes rail, I imagine that could be a little annoying, but any other complaints? Does anyone with the 22" deep Pax find its too much?

Suggestions For Wardrobe In Small Apartment
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1/28/11 11:31 AM