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This is about truth in advertising and about fairness. Think of the fuel costs involved in sending the flax to one country and woven in another and then sewn in a third country. What are the people who do these various tasks paid and what is the profit margin for the company?
I guess shame on us all for wanting something snooty like Belgian sheets for a less price without consideration of the real costs to the laborers
and the planet.

Have Restoration Hardware Linen Sheets Always Been Made in China? Good Questions
2/27/14 08:48 AM

Living in Dallas, Texas it always amuses me when people wax ecstatic about summer.
Picnics outside-no way. Not even after dark. Still hot and let's not talk about the mosquitoes.You could die!
Summer here is hell! Thank God for air-conditioning

What Do You Love About Your Home in the Summer?
6/25/12 01:35 PM

There is nothing "humble" or "juvenile" about a good children's book. A good children's book is for everyone and of course the art work can be fabulous. I love using "Caps for Sale" as wall art. Those beautiful colors and simple lines. What great idea.

Before & After: Using Childrens Books as Art
3/13/11 01:28 PM

How could you bone a chicken breast with a cleaver. Why would the Chinese laugh at fine knife makers from Europe and America? There is more than one way to skin a chicken breast.

The Only Knife You Need? The Chinese Cleaver
9/28/10 09:17 PM