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I am head over heels in love with this place! The use of wood is optimal and gorgeous. Both bathrooms have a serene yet modern look... Natural choices in colouring... Simply gorgeous!!

Betty's Custom Designed Live/Work Home
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12/1/11 06:59 AM

I believe, but correct me if I'm wrong, the home in the movie "A Single Man" is considered a ranch. Well if there ever was an argument for this style of home, surely that is it! It's simply stunning. In fact, here is Apartment Therapy's own post on it:

Reconsidering the Ranch House
7/20/11 03:47 PM

@sunyoung - Yes, that would be great! If you can locate it, please let me know.

Sun Young's Historic Meets Modern Loft
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5/17/11 03:16 PM

LOOOOVE this place and what you've done with it. Artwork is great! Too many wonderful things to mention.
I have a question about picture #25 in the actual house tour photos. There is a tissue box, candle etc. on a bamboo (?) rack and this looks like it's on two rails above the toilet. Where did you get it? I would love to put that in our bathroom as opposed to the ubiquitous glass shelf. Thanks in advance!

Sun Young's Historic Meets Modern Loft
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5/17/11 01:15 PM

Petrie! It's the classiest and won't look dated in a few years.

Which Of These Couches Should I Choose?
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2/19/11 06:34 PM

Rose and Radish now closed...

Best Modern Tabletop
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11/20/10 02:53 PM

Absolutely gorgeous space!

And I love that cute little bedside table you have! Although a long shot, I thought I'd ask where you found it....

Maureen & Lui's Pondside Lily Pad
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9/28/10 07:45 PM