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When we moved back to the states with our two and a half year old, I bought a Sniglar because I didn't want to invest much into a crib for a toddler but she wasn't yet ready for a bed.

I plan to keep my daughter in a crib set-up as long as she doesn't try to climb out, which she hasn't really attempted.

Also, once in a while she won't go down for a nap and will jump around in there but the crib has held up well. She's about 32lbs and tall for her age at the moment.

The Sniglar is serving us well! The other great thing is the thin crib pillow and crib comforter from Ikea fit well and we use those daily. In 4-8 months, we definitely plan to keep using the Sniglar with the bed conversion kit.

Great buy!

In the Running for the World's Most Popular Crib: IKEA's Sniglar
2/19/14 10:32 PM

Thank you for this curated list!

"As Etsy gets bigger and bigger, it can be a challenge to find what you're looking for..." I'm glad someone has said it!

10 Great Etsy Shops for Wood Kids Toys
12/4/13 01:32 PM

So sweet! Love it.

Westin's Wes Anderson Inspired Nursery My Room
9/16/13 02:04 PM

I agree with MeMoBaby. You had me at "adopting three siblings". That warmed my heart over a thousand times. Amazing walls, too!

Before & After: Nancy's $5 Wall Treatment Owen's Olivia
4/23/13 10:06 PM

So refreshing! I love this room and that you describe it as being thrown together. It makes it seem so much more comfortable and inviting for a little one this way. Nice one!

Leo Opts for Simplicity My Room
6/27/12 03:14 PM

I love How We Montessori! The photography is fantastic and I've picked up some great ideas on suitable toys and activities for my 12 month old, as well as inspiration on simplifying her environment. Great site for those of us interested in Montessori.

Play Ideas for Developing Fine Motor Skills How We Montessori
6/9/12 06:15 AM

Lovely! This is a pretty inspiring party, in its simplicity. Love it.

Best Kids Parties: Garden Tea Party My Party
5/28/12 09:21 AM

So sweet! And great job on the cake. I might be too intimidated to try to make it. And your Elsie is ADORABLE eating that cake!

Best Kids Parties: Bright & Beautiful First My Party
5/9/12 03:44 PM

AWESOME idea! This seems like a great way to print photos without all of the bulk and weight that traditional albums usually have.

Creating a Family Yearbook: Controlling the Chaos of Digital Photos
3/20/12 05:04 PM

Very nice room, and a shared one at that! Looks so serene. I completely agree with keeping things to a minimum.

Peaceful Sleeping Quarters
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #55

5/20/11 01:00 PM

GREAT idea!

Love this for it's non-nursery look and love that it can easily be reused in another room.

Metro Shelving Changing Table
Living in the Family Room

5/18/11 02:32 PM

The tulle through the rails is a great idea! I just bought the same crib (because it is small and portable) and have been debating on getting the bumper, but I think this tulle idea much more.

Is the tulle tied off somewhere on the outside or sewn in?

Nice work!

My Room: Sweet E
Washington, DC

3/11/11 01:56 AM

Quick question (as I am also pregnant and planning to do something similar): are you supposed to thaw things out before putting them in the oven? For example, frozen lasagne. Thaw first before baking?

Meals that Freeze Well
Good Questions

12/17/10 03:21 PM

ah, now this is a refreshing nursery! love it. fantastic work! :D

Audrey's Nursery — Whimsy and Elegance
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9/28/10 03:35 PM