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I've been using spotify for a while now and I agree that the interface is wonderful. Another awesome thing is if you are still using Pandora, You can transfer your Thums-up list to Spotify! Here's the link for the transfer instructions. Cheers!


The Good & the Bad of Online Music Platforms
2/8/12 08:42 AM

Nice setup! What are those 2 gray boxes on your desk? headphone amps?

Things I Learned After Rearranging My Home Office
9/30/11 02:17 PM

uh... what is a cassette tape? :)

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7/13/11 08:45 AM

Last time I played it took me around 2 months. so it's not for me. Although I like the idea of renting to try the game out before committing to a purchase but then again it depends on the title that are available in your area. I guess we have to wait and see.

Will You Rent Video Games at Redbox For $2?
6/21/11 09:53 AM

Plex (plexapp.com) is also a very good alternative. I use it with a Mac Mini connected to a HDTV and ReadyNas and it just works!

Managing Your Entertainment Thru Media Servers
4/14/11 09:09 AM

That's too bad that you had a bad experience with the Apple TV 2. We bought ours a month ago,connected through wifi (regular road runner) and absolutely no problems at all with our netflix instant watch. Have you even tried bringing it in to Apple for service or replacement?

Laments of an Apple TV Owner, A Cautionary Tale
2/9/11 06:59 PM

I think the spreadsheet is a good idea. I've moved a lot too and wrote the contents on the box itself but when it came to looking for something, you have to go through all 30+ boxes all spread out in different rooms, one on top of the other... you get the picture.

With the spreadsheet you can just skim through the whole list, find the box number and which room it's at and you're all done!

Better to use technology if you have it.

Using a Spreadsheet and Dropbox to Ease Moving
2/7/11 01:22 PM

The Apple TV needs to be plugged in all the time after you finish with the install. If it gets "unplugged" you need to do the "Boot Tethered" part of Seas0nPass or else the Apple TV will get stuck with the Apple logo. A little bit inconvenient but the benefits out weighs it big time!

How To Hack XBMC Onto Your Apple TV 2G
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1/23/11 01:57 PM

Love this! B&W is awesome!

Win This Zeppelin Mini from Bowers & Wilkins!
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11/22/10 02:13 PM

i Love the space and the SX-70! What about the turntable? Any details on your setup? I love how the wood looks with the vinyl!

Chris & Azuree's Retro, Cozy, and Chic in Chicago
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10/21/10 01:03 PM

I love this! The twemco clock is awesome!

@Ansela - To us coming from another country... the "States" is the United States. :o)


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9/28/10 10:35 AM