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I have painted every rental apartment I've ever lived in. I painted them back to white when I moved out with the exception of my bachelorette apartment in what was then an up-and-coming part of Brooklyn. My landlord spent most of his time out of the country and would only text responses. So I started fixing things myself, deducting it from the rent and sending receipts so he could see where the money went. He sent a handyman once (to install a sink which I couldn't do by myself) who apparently told him I was a "strong girl" because I had fixed all kinds of things. Living room was eucalyptus, kitchen was straw hat, bathroom was silver fox, all by Benjamin Moore. He used photos of my place to list other units in the building! :)

Fess Up: Have You Ever Painted A Rental Without Permission?
7/15/14 04:11 PM

My grandma always took sliced summer veggies (okra, sweet pepper, new potato, zucchini, and a green tomato) and battered them with milk and flour. Fried up to golden perfection. This was one of my favorite dishes as a child and I think of her every time I make it now.

Cooking Okra Without the Slime Tips from The Kitchn
7/9/14 11:12 AM

I have to say this is one of my biggest pet peeves in NYC. They take a tiny apartment (that really should be listed as a studio due to size), put a kitchen along one wall of the living room, and PRESTO! It's open concept, no? Um, NO. That being said, I can see it being workable in apartments with larger living rooms or where the layout includes an island or peninsula.

10 Kitchen-Living Room Combos That Actually Work Kitchen Inspiration
7/7/14 10:49 AM

I know this would not be kosher everywhere, but after being screwed out of my security deposit not once, but TWICE, by terrible landlords I no longer pay my last month's rent. I call the landlord, let them know that I am moving out and that my deposit will serve as the last month's rent. At the same time, I schedule a time to do a walk through with the landlord to make sure that everything is in order.

I would add to this that it is preferable to NOT live above/below the owner. They often can't let go of the fact that their building is now YOUR home and so they feel like they can come and go as they please etc. This is a dealbreaker for me based on past experiences.

5 Things to Run Away From as a Renter Renters Solutions
7/2/14 08:23 PM

I get it as art but not as functional furniture. The first one is disturbing (which I'm assuming was the artist's intent) while the others seem a bit more whimsical.

Never Forget This Exists in the World: The \"At One\" Sofa
4/15/14 11:03 AM

I really wish I could upvote or like some of these comments! So funny. Also, I agree with the earlier commenter - that pantry is so cool.

Insta-Party: Pantry Items to Keep on Hand for Easy Entertaining
4/4/14 05:43 PM

My dog is super suspicious of cheese (which worked for awhile) and peanut butter so we use liverwurst. It's mushy (and a little gross) but he's so crazy for it that he doesn't chew it, he swallows it whole. I make him jump for little pieces and then I put the pill in one and make him jump for that. He thinks he's getting treats. I don't know how this would translate to cats but like other people said, I'd choose something that's all meat and relatively stinky since that's what they want. Perhaps some kind of fish product?

Grain-Free, Allergy Sensitive Pill Pocket Recipe for My Cat? Good Questions
2/27/14 04:25 PM

This is a really cool idea. It's so expensive to frame fabric items.

DIY Custom \"Lucite\" Floating Frame Honey & Fitz
2/27/14 04:20 PM

chickpeas, onion, and wilted spinach (seasoned sort of Mexican style) is excellent topped with a runny egg, whether it's poached or fried. of course, if you can get fresh chorizo, you can skip the seasoning and just cook it all up together. sooo good.

Put an Egg On It: My Favorite Way to Make a Meal Out of Nothing Kitchen Diary: Kate in New York City
2/26/14 02:24 PM

fixitchick - that's exactly what i was going to ask! i've had so many toilets over the years in rental apartments that needed constant adjustment. i love the sleek look of these (esp. that i could just mop under it without having to get down on my knees) but i'd hate to rip out my tilework to fix one.

Petite Potties: Wall Hung Toilets
2/26/14 12:48 PM

Worth a shot. I could eat my weight in injera (my Valentine's day gift from the hubby is a feast at our favorite Ethiopian place) so this is definitely interesting.

How To Make Whole-Grain Teff Porridge Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/14/14 01:16 PM

We have Fios in Brooklyn. One thing that wasn't mentioned is that, if you choose to NOT use their phone service, you still have the giant box and a battery for the non-existent phone. That battery will run down and then beep (only once every twelve hours, making it darn near impossible to locate) until it is replaced. Verizon will try to charge you about a hundred bucks to come out and change the battery. Again, this is for someone who does NOT have phone service.

Also, my parents live in a rural area and it's a real mess when it comes to internet. There is no option for high speed, they have data caps, and it's NOT cheap. We really need a better solution for these areas because many, many people do not live in urban areas and they deserve internet too.

5 Things To Know If You're Having FiOS Installed
1/29/14 06:14 PM

This is quite possibly my favorite nursery that's ever been on AT. Beautiful, adorable and quirky in a totally lovable way. Well done!!

Eden's Teal Treasure Nursery Tour
1/17/14 03:31 PM

Love this! Simple yet warm and inviting. Just lovely.

Before & After: Mousy Kitchen gets an IKEA Makeover
11/6/13 03:41 PM

How adorable! And what an accomplishment! Congratulations to Max for being brilliant and to Mom & Dad for being awesome as well. Just lovely.

A Book Reading & Signing for Max
11/4/13 06:13 PM

hanging a tv over the fireplace is actually really bad for the tv. additionally, it's bad for you. since your tv is so large, you are really going to be straining your neck to watch it. i agree with what other posters said, switch living and dining areas. that should work. and congrats on the nice apt in NYC. they are few and far between. :)

How To Layout (and Mount a Big TV) in Apartment With a Fireplace? Good Questions
8/14/13 06:21 PM

where i grew up in the south, they call them magic lilies. they smell amazing. reminds me of grandma. :)

New Home Surprises:In the Garden
8/14/13 10:55 AM

One problem with all of this, which may not affect everyone but certainly a large part of the population, is schools. In NYC your kids are limited to the elementary schools in your neighborhood. This causes people to fight tooth and nail to try and live in a more upscale neighborhood for at least those early years, until their kid(s) go to middle school and can transfer to whatever school accepts them.

The second problem is the flippers/cash developers. Though I am in no way near being able to purchase my own home, many of my friends are now at this point. One such couple who lives in Lefferts Garden have been outbid by cash developers THREE times now. Said developers then take what was a lovely, if slightly dilapidated single family home, and split it up into three or more cookie cutter bland apartments thus ruining the character of a neighborhood that was traditionally working class families.

What Does it Really Cost to Live in Brooklyn? Apartment Therapy's Cost of Living Report
8/13/13 04:30 PM

Are the dog paintings hers as well? Those are really lovely.

Lori & Monte's Fun California Modernism House Tour
8/7/13 07:53 PM

I'd love to hear more on how they found the transition from East to West, the comparison between Philly and LA life. Very cool place though.

Janelle & Robert's East/West Coast Mix House Tour
8/7/13 03:10 PM