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We purchased a latex mattress made by Pure Rest Naturals. They are a trustworthy source for non-toxic products. I shopped around and got the best price from Goodnightroom NYC - they are an online shop with excellent customer service.

The 10 Best All-Natural and Organic Mattress Sources
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9/27/10 03:44 PM

A great lower end option is an all wood bed made by Ramblin Wood. They are all wood and made in the USA. I got a very good price at Goodnight Room NYC.

Green Your Bed Frame: Stylish and Sustainable Options
9/27/10 03:38 PM

Pacific Rim makes a solid maple crib with non-toxic finish. While these cribs have been expensive, I just got one at Goodnight Room NYC for $756 and that included shipping. Since this crib is so well made I figure I can sell it eventually and recoupe some of the cost.

Affordable Non-Toxic Wood Cribs
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9/27/10 03:34 PM