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Love this!! Such a fun apartment. You have my vote.

Gorana's Black & White Small Cool Contest
6/11/14 12:53 AM

WOW!! Thank you for all the votes and awesome response to my bedroom. ;0)

The "pharmacy" cabinet was a very ugly old shop fitting in a previous life. The bathroom cabinets are also old retired airline trolleys. You can see the before on this post

Sacha's Black & White Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/22/13 12:22 AM

Autumn1956 - Purple??! There is no use of purple in this room.

Sacha's "Check This Out" Room Room for Color Contest
10/30/12 01:52 AM

Thanks for all the votes and comments!
@Reni Valentine - it is not as "bright" in real life, it does appear brighter on the pictures.

Sacha's "Check This Out" Room Room for Color Contest
10/6/12 03:29 AM

Want your Fornasetti scatter cushion!

Taylor's "Vintage Bright" Room Room for Color Contest
10/6/12 02:29 AM

What a awesome collection of cameras! You got my vote.

Janelle's "Tropics" Room Room for Color Contest
10/5/12 07:46 AM

So Pretty!

Katie's "Purple Toned Grays" Room Room for Color Contest
10/3/12 01:24 AM

Love your windows!

Sean's "Me." Room Room for Color Contest
10/3/12 01:23 AM

Thanks for the great comments, feedback and votes.

@ LyonStill the barn door is one half of a old shipping container's door.In keeping with the re use of shipping containers which form part of the house.

Sacha's "Check This Out" Room Room for Color Contest
10/3/12 12:42 AM


Kelly's "Boathouse Vintage" Kitchen Room for Color Contest
10/2/12 05:14 AM

Good luck! Hope you win. Great space.

Daniel's Amazing Bones Small Cool Contest
5/1/12 01:05 AM

What a surprise that you won (not), seeing as you were the 1st entry for the international section.

Geoff's Southern Exposure Studio Small Cool Contest
5/1/12 01:02 AM

LOVE IT!!!! My favourite by far!

Brian's Glass Wall Small Cool Contest
4/21/12 01:40 AM

Gorgeous! Love the colour palette. So glamorous.

Kristi's Head Over Heels Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 11:13 AM

Very Cool!!

Jason's Charm & Potential Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 01:49 AM

Love! Love! Love!

Nicola's Skyline Views Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 01:46 AM

Cool,Calm and Collected.

Nick's "Modern Gray" Room
11/11/11 11:09 AM

Love that zebra chair.

Fiammetta's "Suzani Reloaded" Room
11/11/11 11:07 AM

Thank you so much for all the votes and fantastic comments.

Sacha's "Fornasetti" Room
11/11/11 02:55 AM

Great atmosphere.

Brenda's "Dark Neutrals" Room
11/10/11 10:54 AM