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I too have been having bad smell. It's been two weeks now and it's still there. I have been airing out the room with a fan and still no progress. A Benjamin Moore representative came to my home and acknowledged that the room smelled "earthy". He wrote down the two batch numbers of the cans that I used and said he will have the lab investigate. I noticed the same smell on one of the cans. The rep called and said the lab did not find any smell and said they can compensate me for new primer (which he claims should cover the smell), paint (Aura), and supplies. But my concern is the smell (though the rep says it's safe). It's only going to be blocked and not eliminated and my newborn will be staying in that room and I don't know what kind of residuals the wall will be releasing. Suggestions are welcomed...

Benjamin Moore Natura Paint: In the Test Lab
9/24/10 02:36 PM