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My husband and I will celebrate our second christmas season in Taiwan - we have a few decorations up, play christmas music and watch our favorite christmas movies. Makes being far away from home a little easier.

Expat Christmas: Celebrating The Holidays Far From Home
12/14/10 06:33 AM

Anyone know how to tell when it's going to be pink or white inside? It's always a surprise when I cut them open!

Adventerous Eaters Wanted: Slay the Dragon Fruit
10/29/10 12:58 AM

Best compliment I can give: I want to do this with my chopsticks too!

Look! Artful Chopstick Collection
9/25/10 01:34 AM

Looks delicious! Can't wait to try it!

Simple South Indian Recipe: Pongal
9/24/10 01:16 AM