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Hang an interesting wall covering or mural. Check out

This firm did it in one of their projects:
(I really wish I could just insert the picture right now)

What To Do With Large White Wall?
Good Questions

5/4/11 01:42 AM

Update: Lampe Gras now has a US distrubuter. You can purchase them at
And they ship from Chicago so they take 5 days or less to get to you!

Lampe Gras
The Original Architects Lamp

10/18/10 12:14 AM

How 'bout embracing the bare bulb instead of covering it. I would go for a cool 1912 Edison Bulb. You can get them here:

This would give a historical look. The only draw back is that you would have to choose a lower wattage bulb to avoid the glare issue, so you might need to introduce some low lighting to make up for it. But those could be your modern fixture and the overall look would have an eclectic old and new look.

What to Do with Bare Vintage Light Fixtures?
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9/23/10 02:00 PM