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Decals! Decals! Decals! Check out Etsy. Amazon. Target. Wall decals are meant to do exactly what you need.

Cover Rental Cabinets with Contact Paper?
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10/26/11 02:49 PM

Microfiber couch. Biege. Gray short hair and black long hair. Not an issue to clean up at all even when shedding. It isn't very static clingy and a wet rag wipes away all hair. No scratching is apparent on my couches either. After 5 years the couches are like new and the cats behave :D.

Cat Vs. Couch: Who Wins the Shedding Wars in Your House?
6/21/11 09:31 PM

Don't forget our wonderful and cheap friend- the canning jar!!! I hate plastic containers too. They are stinky and icky after a while. So I take 16 oz wide mouth canning jars (that sometimes I use for canning or other food storage) and send my husband to work with those! The lids with bands work fine, but so do the plastic lids you can buy separate. They travel great and when you have wide mouth they stack nicely. I see a lot of other posts here that are very expensive and that seems silly to me when I have a giant cabinet full of jars. I send my husband to work with soup in quart jars. If you are worried about it breaking- which is my only concern besides leaking- make a cozy!! A couple towels together, sew and voila, you can even add a handle for a very cheap and environmentally safer option. Go glass!!

Looking for Glass Lunch Containers that Stack Well
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4/11/11 04:53 PM

Allen Kurzweil's books A Case of Curiousities and The Grand Complication talk about just this! That was the first time I was introduced to them. The idea that collecting things to place in compartments was much more seductive and obsessive than I thought possible.

Strange History: Cabinets of Curiosities
9/28/10 12:51 PM

You want warm bread that is sliced perfectly? You don't have to let it cool. You don't have to wait to melt your butter on a heavenly slice any longer!! My unitasking electric turkey knife works MIRACLES for cutting perfect slices. Try it. I promise you will never go back. Now don't press down hard if it's especially crusty, but if you score it a bit to help it get started you'll be on your way to a lovely piece of perfectly sliced bread.

What Is the Best Way to Evenly Slice Bread?
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9/23/10 01:07 PM