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I lived in a dorm one year that was so hot that i had a fan running the upstate New York winter air into the room at all times. The door knob was hot to the touch. What a waste.

Beat the Winter Blues: Tips for Weatherizing Your Dorm Room

1/13/12 01:22 PM

When I was a child, my favorite gifts from my grandparents were my own pair of scissors, a stack of pink paper and a roll of quarters. It might be worth reminding our relatives that it doesn't take much to excite a child.

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9/24/11 01:24 PM

What a lovely image of summer!

Class up Summer Cocktail Hour with a Tidy Tray
8/12/11 10:46 AM

I grew up in a house without hardware on the cabinet doors, and we opened them by catching the bottom of the door with the top of a foot. I would say yes to hardware on drawers, though.

Should I Put Knobs and Pulls On My Cupboards & Drawers?
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10/27/10 12:18 PM

When my grandmother began to lose her vision, someone from the local blind association came and gave her a metal guide that attached to her bread knife. I think you could even adjust the width of the slices. I'm not sure where you can find such a thing, but I know it exists.

What Is the Best Way to Evenly Slice Bread?
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9/23/10 11:09 AM