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I've always wanted to have one of these classic style foot steps in my own home. They are just so nostalgic and interesting to have around; great conversational pieces even. Thank you for sharing this neat post about kik steps.

Library Kik Step Stools
2/24/11 03:52 PM

I really love the second picture; it's so simple and clean looking. I would love to have something like this in my own yard. Thank you for sharing this..

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Los Angeles

1/19/11 03:49 PM

I personally find that what you carry is totally within the laws of reason. If nothing else you are really prepared for just about anything that could happen. I carry a flashlight with me, you never know when you will need it. I like reading your articles, so thank you for keeping up the awesome work..

Everyday Carry: Tech That is Always With You
12/28/10 07:28 PM

I had never thought of using my bread knife for slicing tomatoes, but it makes perfect sense. So thank you for the tip, now I can slide with ease instead of squishing them all the time! .

Quick Tip: Use a Bread Knife to Slice Tomatoes
12/28/10 06:28 PM

I usually try servicemagic first; they give me a list of people in the area..

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Good Questions

12/6/10 03:59 PM

That looks so yummy! I want to try and make some.

n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites

12/3/10 05:14 PM

I just love the dish rack and organization drawer. Both excellent ideas that I would love to put into my own kitchen!

Kitchen #6: JMC's Kick-Ass European
11/19/10 06:15 PM

I recently bought myself one of those carryall makeup holders and I just love it. All of my make-up is neatly organized now so I can get to what I need quick. Your tips are super helpful too, so I hope more women read this!

How To: Organize Makeup
11/19/10 04:17 PM

Wow. Such a stunning home! I've been trying to simplify my home's decor lately to become something similar to what's been shown here. I recently replaced my bland exterior doors with something more aesthetically pleasing. These pictures have re-inspired me so Thanks!

Ralph's House Of Cool
House Tour

11/19/10 03:53 PM

I would definitely check out Angie's List first. It may sound a little unorthodox but the site is actually super helpful. Good luck!

Recommendations for a Contractor in NYC?
Good Questions

9/27/10 03:36 PM

What an interesting idea. Affordable and creative decor, in one package? Excellent.

Affordable Posters: Design them Yourself
9/22/10 10:52 PM

I am a huge fan of Ikea. Their umbrellas are excellent to use outside and decorative at the same time. So I highly recommend buying one.

Good Questions: Best Outdoor Umbrella Picks?
9/22/10 06:40 PM