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Please consider spaying and neuter these guys before trying to remove them from your area if you are financially able. If not, you may be able to reach out to groups that can lend you a trap and also help with paying for the surgeries. I must tell you, however, that feral cats are very loyal to their territory. They are very difficult to relocate. You may try to look into getting a device that emits a noise to deter the cats from your area.

Unfortunately, these cats have been abandoned by irresponsible people who have chosen not to fix them. Please have compassion for these cats - they did not choose to live this way.

Also, if you are willing to be their caretaker, you may reach out to local groups to see if they can help with providing food for these cats.

Check out this webpage (a group that I volunteer for) for some additional help in how to trap and deal with feral cats:

It includes a great video for how to trap.

Tips for Keeping Stray Cats Away?
10/11/10 12:19 PM

I'm kind of a minimalist myself with holiday decorations - my husband and I have a really small fake christmas tree (we're talking less than 2 ft tall!) that is pre-lit and everything!

We also spend a lot of time walking through our neighborhood admiring others' decorations as a way to enjoy them without having to make room in our house for storing all the decorations.

If do any type of decoration, we try to make it a multi-use item. For example - for fall, we'll make a display for our table with apples and some cool leaves from our backyard. We can eat the apples and then we compost the leaves.

We've chosen this as a way to stay sane during the holidays and for extra time to spend with friends and family. We're also both really tight with our money!

The one item that we splurged on this year was a halloween costume for our beautiful pit bull Angel. The trick or treaters LOVE her, and she loves to greet them too - she's going to be a bunny rabbit this year!

Do You Collect Holiday Decorations?
9/22/10 11:26 AM