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My wife and I had 11 Italian Cypress Trees that lined our driveway in Orange County, CA removed. Each was probably about 8 foot diameter, 35-40 feet tall removed. Roots had started to travel under our driveway and get at plumbing. Total cost, $ 2,000.00.

How Much Did It Cost To Remove a Tree From Your Yard? Reader Intelligence Request
7/29/14 12:44 PM

Wind and age took its toll on our Costa Mesa, CA property. Replaced 98 Feet of basic fencing- $ 1400.00- including materials and labor.

How Much Did it Cost to Build a Wooden Privacy Fence? Reader Intelligence Request
6/13/14 09:03 AM

Been eating these for years. Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles and Orange County frequently have them. I have been growing them (to miserable results) so one reason for expense is the issue with growing them. Japanese markets often have them for reasonable cost. They are very tasty and not a spicy (usually- occasionally one will have a bite) as some of the comments above suggest.

Appetizer Trend: Grilled Shishito Peppers
9/22/10 11:04 AM