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Decorating with owls is in? "ORLY?" (Ok sorry I couldn't resist).

Decorating with Owls: From Kitschy to Classic
10/20/10 07:33 PM

I agree with this article in that the "rough wood" looks more...'approachable' than if the wood had been "cherry" or some other type.

Rough Wood: Perfect Antidote For a "Staged" Room
10/20/10 07:24 PM

I think that (generally) this works if it's the same color as the walls. But if the ceiling is a different color (other than white) than the walls, it can make the room feel small/claustrophobic a la picture #4.

Look Up! 5 Ceilings With Some Serious Color
10/20/10 07:20 PM

I thought that this wasn't good for clothes, hence the invention of hangers. It will eventually stretch them out, even "hoodies."

Look! Use Shower Curtain Hooks Instead Of Hangers
10/20/10 07:18 PM

One of the best lookin' bathrooms I have seen! (Ok that sounded only slightly weird...)

Jenn's "Vintage Natural" Bathroom
10/15/10 07:51 PM

Is this the same person who wanted to NOT help the neighborhood cats in Saudi Arabia....

Suggestions for Transforming a Dated Light Fixture?
Good Questions

10/15/10 07:50 PM

I actually think it's nice as-is!

Will Wallpaper Work with Stone Tile?
Good Questions

10/15/10 07:49 PM

Oh but I agree, @emedarwash, they should have included the floor in the "before" picture....the "before" pic wouldn't have looked so washed out, if they included the floor.

Before & After: Taking a Room from Bland to Beautiful
Professional Project

10/12/10 04:02 PM

That's beautiful! What an interesting change!

Before & After: Taking a Room from Bland to Beautiful
Professional Project

10/12/10 04:00 PM

I love that you have the Blue Dog book! ( for any1 else interested).

Tara's "The Green Machine!" Living Room
10/12/10 03:57 PM

Yeah, I was like "Wait, huh? Where's the rest of the story?"

Warmth & Light in a Wintry Home
10/12/10 03:41 PM

Love it!!

Jacquie's "New Orleans" Kitchen
10/12/10 03:40 PM

Agreed that this is great!

Tom & Steve's Mixed-Use Home
House Call

10/12/10 03:37 PM

I dunno, Halloween is in just a few weeks, at this point (Oct 8th) there's no need to "save" pumpkins...'tis the season!

Forget Pumpkins — Decorate With Apples Instead
10/11/10 07:13 PM

That is wonderful! You should definitely win.

Galina 's "Piet Mondrian" Bathroom
10/11/10 07:11 PM

Agreed with a previous poster - do you not see the irony in asking for someone to help you refuse help to the cats?

Better hope you don't get reincarnated as a cat. (yes I realize that is not the prevailing belief in Saudi Arabia, just a statement by me).

Anyway, yes - ask around or ask other expats about any cultural norms regarding cats. Maybe YOU might learn something.

Tips for Keeping Stray Cats Away?
10/11/10 06:32 PM

P.S. @Miami, yes it's "wallpaper week:"

Fun Ways to Decorate Walls — Without Actually Wallpapering
10/11/10 06:08 PM

Very clever, but it could look more inviting!

Minimalist Dining Table by Maya Lin
10/11/10 06:06 PM

I'm not normally a jumpy person, but I would be totally creeped out by the fact that "there's something growing....from the wall....". Or maybe I need to stop watching horror flicks.

Wallpaper in 3D
10/11/10 06:00 PM

I would totally live at picture #3 when I retire :D

Fun Ways to Decorate Walls — Without Actually Wallpapering
10/11/10 05:56 PM