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Yay Knoxville! I live here too :) I love your nursery. My son's room isn't nearly as serene.

Grayson's Knoxville Nursery My Room
7/21/14 10:02 PM

I highly recommend Cabela's Director's Chair. My father-in-law, who was also a big & tall man, had two that he used on his cross country camping trip. When he passed away we inherited them and they are very comfortable and sturdy, holding up to 300 pounds. And they are not heavy or bulky at all. http://www.cabelas.com/product/CABELAS-DIRECTORS-CHAIR/1748327.uts

Recommendations for Camping Chair That's Big-&-Tall-Fella-Friendly? Good Questions
7/8/14 09:26 AM

Love this! I never had any desire to live in the desert before, but I'm obsessed with your dome!

Kathrin & Brian's Dome in the Desert House Tour
6/10/14 02:29 PM

It's a cute room. I'm surprised at all the comments saying it's girly. Pink is only a girl color if you make it one. Maybe she doesn't subscribe to the belief that colors should be gender specific. As the mother of a boy, I really dislike people telling me I have to pick out "masculine" or "boy" items or colors. If you want to raise your son that way, its your choice. But don't tell someone else that they have to do blue for a boy and not pink. It's not your business.

Asher's Modern Nest Professional Project
3/14/14 04:38 PM

Love it! Beautiful work.

Ana's Reclaimed Style Loft in St. Louis House Call
7/29/13 02:08 PM

Yee-Haw has gone out of business, unfortunately.

5 Print & Poster Shops from Down South
1/3/13 10:55 AM

Yay! I live in downtown Knoxville too. Welcome to the neighborhood!

As for the nook, I agree that a library would be great, or a home theater.

Ideas for Weird Nook in New Loft? Good Questions
10/26/12 12:15 PM

I grew up in Crossville, TN, neighbor to Cookeville. I wouldn't say that Cookeville is a small town, though. And there are still a lot of chain restaurants and shops. It has a cute downtown, and the university is nice, but otherwise it has a lot of sprawl, strip malls, and other development.

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 08:08 PM

It really depends on the cat's personality. I have 3 cats and only one who is laid back enough to enjoy going somewhere on a leash. My husband and I actually took her on a road trip from TN to Maine and back again by way of Cleveland, OH and she loved every minute of it (except when we had to ride a ferry in Vermont). She got out of the car in her leash and harness and we never had a problem with her. However not all cats should do the same thing. Our other two cats are not the types to enjoy being on the streets in the city and so they stay home where they are very content to watch the world go by from our windows.

Would You Leash-Train Your Cat?
The New York Times

1/6/12 08:33 PM

Rent a cabin at a local state park for a weekend and get away. Sometimes it's nice to change the scenery and recharge your batteries.

Urban Exhaustion: How Do You Handle It?
11/1/11 02:49 PM

I'd go with gray!

Color Prescription: What Color Would You Choose?
The Color Cure

8/17/11 10:44 AM

Love!!! This is a gorgeous space!

Alex's Melting Pot of a First Apartment
House Call

8/5/11 03:49 PM

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day!

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/3/11 05:39 PM


Jessica's Gem in Kerrisdale
House Call

7/25/11 07:04 PM

I love the painting over your desk. Beautiful!

Andie's 1940s Bookish Queen Anne Condo
House Call

3/31/11 12:01 PM

I like the wine/liquor cart idea. That is what I would do.

How To Fill Space Where Dishwasher Used To Be?
Good Questions

3/29/11 03:16 PM

I like it! I'd like to see more, though.

Trace & Lisa's Eclectic Life on Capitol Hill
House Call

3/29/11 12:23 PM

I absolutely love it!

Carrie's Girly Glam Dream Apartment
House Call

3/2/11 11:25 PM

For those wanting to know about the farmer's market posters you can find them here. The money goes to help support our local farmer's market in Knoxville, TN. And the posters are designed by Yee-Haw Industries, a local print shop that we are rather proud of around here.

*Also, I am not the home owner of this lovely home. I am a Knoxville local who just happened to notice the posters.

Abby & Jesse's Artsy Live/Work Apartment
House Tour

2/25/11 09:35 AM

Haha, I got excited and posted a comment before I read the article. I see you got the prints from Ye-Haw! I am just down the street from their shop. If you're in Knoxville you should visit the Farmer's Market on a Saturday or Wednesday morning.

Abby & Jesse's Artsy Live/Work Apartment
House Tour

2/25/11 12:33 AM