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Wine Stains - Spray with Windex thoroughly, then pour a small glass of water on the carpet and soak up with a dry towel. Works on white cotton, jeans, etc... This will shock people after a party mishap. :-)
Pure pickle juice from a jar on stained pots and pans with a green nylon scrubby takes out most stubborn stains.
Got dried paint on cabinets or air vents? Clorox Wipes takes it off even if it's 3 years old. Mild Elbow Grease required, but won't damage your original surface in my experience.

Cleaning Secret Weapons
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1/4/11 01:06 PM

Funny how everyone says paint and remove, but no one mentions lighting them. Adding translucent fronts to the cabinets and light inside will brighten and expand the space and give a sleeker texture to what is there. Especially on the open cabinets. Once you get lights inside consider removing the heavy dull wood shelves and replacing with translucent glass or a product like 3 Form Chroma. Painting the back wall of the cabinets matte black or charcoal and the sides a lighter color will add depth to the space. Inversely, a bright color on the back wall adds pop to a dull space but won't overwhelm the room. Good Luck.

Layout Ideas for Small Room with Big Built-ins?
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10/26/10 02:18 PM

3rd St. Design - I guess Eichler houses are oh so passé too? Good design comes in many forms. I'm not a fan of victorian period looks, but that doesn't invalidate them.

Valerie's Atlanta Loft
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9/26/10 01:01 AM

Favorite thing was the old mortar and pestle's in front of the fireplace. Least favorite is the tiny art over the headboard. It gets totally lost on that big space.

Ada's Art-Filled Apartment
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9/20/10 06:12 PM

I like the small pops of color via striping (orange, blue, olive). Allows a really bright color without overwhelming the eye like an accent wall might do. Hanging a large piece of art that overlaps the orange would increase the depth of the space. I'd consider offsetting the towel rack against the blue too for more visual interest.

Valerie's Atlanta Loft
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9/20/10 05:57 PM

I forgot to say, make 2-3 of them to create peaks and valleys vertically. You could make them 2 feet wide if that suits the space better.

Art Ideas for Long Blank Wall?
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9/20/10 05:42 PM

How about building some vertical soffits, 36"w X 3"d X ?h. This would be something you could paint or paper however you want and hang larger art pieces there and alternate your smaller art grouping on every other panel. Twice the visual interest and an easy way to get color into the space. You could build them from the floor or to sit on your long bookshelf.

Art Ideas for Long Blank Wall?
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9/20/10 05:36 PM