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Hey alsoiloveyou's....You did see curved shower curtain rods at BBB but, you didn't see the Rotator Rod. The major difference is that the RR rotates in and out and to provide space in the shower when in use and it rotates back when not in use so the bathroom is still roomy. If you get a chance check out the video at It is truly clever!!!

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9/30/10 11:18 AM

I own a Rotator Rod. There is not one person who has come to my home and seen it that has not asked where they can get one. I guess that is why I saw it on Home Shopping Network. We all know HSN does not just sell anything. Their standards are pretty strict. Don't be a hater Gordon...these are def not fabricated comments. It's just an amazing product that people love. I agree with SherrybinH....why the heck didn't I think of this!!!

Rotator Rod by Colleen O'Connell
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9/20/10 11:31 AM