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It's a great color. I would try calling and asking a manager. They may actually know. It looks like the color of a fig to me too.

What Color Is This Wall?
Good Questions

11/13/11 08:56 AM

Dyson Animal. The pet hair attachment is amazing. No cat hairs left on my couch. Albeit, we have to vacuum a lot too. I like your idea of the throw rugs and it does add a pop of color and interest!

Cat Vs. Couch: Who Wins the Shedding Wars in Your House?
6/21/11 03:53 PM

I purchased a small swizzle stick collection from a Church rummage sale for 10 cents. It was fun looking through all of them. They compliment my vintage barware perfectly and they are so fun and colorful.

Collectibles: A History of the Swizzle Stick
Los Angeles Times

9/20/10 08:31 AM