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The contest got away from everyone. Obviously there was a reason this product and this designer came this far. This thread is supposed to be about support and being constructive, about ALL products. Not bashing one specific product. If you don't like one fine, talk about the ones you do! Stop with the negativity and bringing the mood of everyone that looks at this down because you don't like something. I like all the products! They are all wonderful! The only bad thing on this site are some of the comments and the people on the other end!

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10/1/10 05:03 PM

Where did the Rototar Rod's votes go?

VOTE NOW! Design Showcase 2010 Showdown
10/1/10 04:42 PM

Congrats to all the finalists! You all deserve a a prize! They all look great!

For all those who are flipping about the rotator rod.... yes you saw one that rotates at BBB.... that's her's. Get your fact's straight before arguing.

And Gordon.... we get it.

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10/1/10 12:16 PM

First off, I have one and I can't tell you how much I wish I had one for my first apartment! We had the smallest bathrooms and showers.
Second, yes- HSN is selling her product!....

Third, for all that think there are so many fake posts by the designer... this is a brand new product.... I would just assume she has enough on her plate and very little time as it is.

Rotator Rod by Colleen O'Connell
Design Showcase 2010

9/20/10 05:26 PM