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Lovely - but 'Dead Salmon' colour in the bedroom??? Not 'Dead Parrot'? I mean, they're British!!

Marie & Ben's Scandinavian Chic Shoe Factory Apartment House Tour
7/14/14 05:33 AM

This was s prop made for the film. It wouldn't have been expensive & I doubt they used Swarovski stones. Clever lighting is huge part of it, plus the emotion of the character.

There are heaps of videos online about doing this kind of thing - only it's chandelier EARRINGS! Same techniques & 4 to 6 hours later, you'll have your mobile.

As noted above, if you're in the US, then Firemountain's an excellent source. Not all the stones are blue, some are clear. You could mix it up with different blues to get a variety of shapes.

The stones need to be threadable vertically using eye pins & head pins. You'll also need pliers for making loops, wire cutters & the frame from which to hang them. The frame could come from a cheap mobile or a secondhand light fitting. It needs to take some weight distributed evenly.

Frankly without good lighting, it'll look like nothing.

Ideas for Sourcing a Blue Glass Mobile? Good Questions
6/21/14 03:32 AM

Big mistake.

People will realise that once upon a time Ikea made a quality product, not plastic coated cardboard.

I've got 30-40 year old stuff that's still going strong. Today's lifespan: 3 years.

Ikea to Open Museum Design News
6/9/14 10:27 PM

I agree with Threadbndr re electricity. This must be handled professionally.

In addition, Laura is planning LAWN IN ADELAIDE!!! which has suffered two summers in a row of blistering heatwaves which went on for weeks.

With climate change, this is now the norm, as rain has permanently moved off the southern landmass & over the ocean.

In addition, an El Nino is now forecast for Australia this year, with a prediction it will be as bad if not worse than the one in the late 1990s, which she may be too young to recall.

There is no provision in her budget for a sub surface watering system or a water tank, e.g. reusing household water.

She isn't watching Gardening Australia, which advises low water gardens & lawn alternatives. The plant & lawn budget is literally going to burn.

Also her layout doesn't show which direction is north, which over here is the sunniest aspect, like south in the USA & Europe. It's important to know where your shadows are going to be, & which surfaces collect, store & radiate heat, & in which season.

The Budget for Laura's Backyard Renovation Renovation Diary
5/21/14 09:00 PM


Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Could I Reupholster an Eames Lounge, Too?
10/18/08 02:06 AM

no wonder they broke up

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Homes of Woody Allen and Diane Keaton Architectural Digest November 2008
10/18/08 02:02 AM

the bedcover / bedspread is probably chenille

Apartment Therapy New York | The Gropius House: A Look Inside Boston
9/5/08 04:38 AM

FREEZING GLASS !!!! A great way to get a freezer full of shards.

I use liquid candles in their own small glass cups in a pair of retro 'iceblock' style Czech candlesticks. Once the wax liquifies, it sends the light through the candlesticks, making them sparkle. By contrast, the flame on a regular candle is too high up. The candlesticks warm slightly just where the cup touches the glass.

The other bonus? Never having to do more than rinse the dust off the candlesticks. I soak the wax out of the cups in an old jam tin filled with warm to hot water, although most of the time the only residue is the little metal tag that held the wick.

I also use the cups with Ikea candle rings to turn anything into a candlestick.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Glass Candleholders from CB2
8/5/08 04:36 AM

The Aussie blogger is from Melbourne. Anywhere north of the Murray river is 'top end' (and she'll know with a comment like that, I'm from Sydney.... he-he-he.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Mel Robson Guns Pigeons Brisbane
7/31/08 02:23 AM

Similar to Bridget Riley and of same generation of artists. I saw an exhibition of her works which included her detailed plans for them. The pencil work was just as stunning as the completed pieces. She also doesn't execute her works. The **precision** required for this cannot be underestimated.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | DIY Sol LeWitt Wall DrawingsThe New Modernist
7/4/08 05:20 AM

How about Photoshop?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Ikea Knappa Lamp in Orange?
7/3/08 02:53 AM

I particularly like the sustained zebra roadkill on the floor. At least it wasn't killed by paint fumes. Maybe it munched recycled glass.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Dwell on Design: Tips for Sustainable Interiors
6/4/08 03:37 AM

I don't know if it still snows in Chicago, but a traditional way is to hang white linen and cotton and let it freeze. It's said to bleach it.

Guess you'll have to wait 6 months to try it out ....

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 5 Ways to Naturally Clean Whites
5/22/08 04:42 AM

Well, Stoat. that's because Caroma is an Australian company!! Got mine almost 20 years ago, and the recent ones use even less water.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Caroma Dual Flush Toilet
5/14/08 01:28 AM

The lovely thing about these is the smooth inside. The flame is reflected and appears to be floating in mid air just below the rim, a few centimetres above its actual location. I found mine (with label) in a charity shop for $3 -- about US$2.50

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Kosta Boda Snowball Votive
5/14/08 01:15 AM

There's nothing magical about melaleuca, people. It is tea tree oil and we use it in Australia as an antiseptic. Buy it is the supermarket. Smells like eucalyptus - which is what most Aussie plants smell like. The thought of that smell as toothpaste makes me want to throw up.

For a more realistic view, check out wikipedia for tea tree oil and melaleuca.

(Sigh) the last post no-one will read.

Apartment Therapy New York | Melaleuca: Eco Cleaning Products
5/6/08 09:10 PM

Verosol silver (metal) backed blinds keep heat out in summer and heat in for winter. Brilliant. Not supposed to be cleaned - anti static - dust shakes off as you use them.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Window Coverings For My Loft?
5/2/08 04:08 AM

I always thought it was a set - never occurred to me it was REAL. I'd buy it in a minute - just right for Sydney Harbour.

It was so yummy, and her house was so awful & tacky, I couldn't imagine them as a couple. The only worse set of homes & couples was When Harry Met Sally. Mismatched decorating must be the subtext of Rob Reiner movies. (Someone do a PhD thesis - quick)

Also loved the soundtrack.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat is Up for Sale
4/30/08 04:15 AM

I have an oil filled Dimplex which plugs into a socket, so I use a timer. It runs from 22:30 to 02:00 which means the towels warm and then dry.

Even though Sydney is temperate, it is also very humid. It has just rained for 12 days straight, and it's not due to clear until Saturday (Thursday as I write). Hooray for dry towels at bath time.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best of KBIS: Towel Radiators by Runtal
4/24/08 02:12 AM

should check speling - 'bad news' and 'carbon dioxide'.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Earth Hour: Turn Out Your Lights Tomorrow Night!
3/29/08 05:54 PM