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Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial with your readers!! It truly is super easy and leaves a lot of room for one's own creativity!

From Fitted Sheets To Quick Quilt
Daisy Janie

1/21/11 07:55 AM

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this information! My small company designs, produces and sells printed organic cotton fabrics, which are GOTS certified (the gold standard). After asking my blog readers recently about their knowledge of organic cotton, I was shocked how few knew about the chemical inputs (let alone the rest). At all. I read the O Eco blog, and count Harmony as a peer; my fabrics are also available at Modern Organic Fabrics - all 3 of these women business owners have made a commitment to bringing eco-friendly textiles as well as providing invaluable info to the general public. I thank them, too, for their passion in this arena - it's making a difference.

Is There a Way to Clean Regular Fabrics To Remove All The Toxic Residues?
Good Question

11/21/10 03:58 PM

Great post! I'm in Reading PA, and I nodded right along to your post! Whoopie pies and all. I took a great pic of a distelfink sculpture at our County Heritage Center. Beautiful girl. see her here.

Antique Designs: Pennsylvania German Distelfinks
9/18/10 06:02 AM

I think that pale grey looks wonderful! It will still bounce plenty of light while giving a nice subtle warmth to the space. Your furnishings are lovely and the paint color goes perfectly! Love seeing all of Heather Moore's pillows there! (I just had every paint swatch ever made in grey laid out on my studio floor for a week so I could watch how the colors and undertones changed throughout the day and weather - my next fabric collection is called Shades of Grey - and I was stuck with similar dilemmas in choosing the colors!) Have fun!!!

DIY Painting: Testing Benjamin Moore Abalone
9/17/10 07:39 PM