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Well of course one could use a shoe holder. Or even a car organizer. The difference is that this one here is sooo pretty. Too bad my son's too old for that kind of stuff. :(
Jenn, really a great idea! Love it.

Car Backseat Entertainment Organizer A Jennuine Life
4/11/13 05:06 AM

The highest I've ever lived in was a sixth floor. And of course there was an earth-quake, and I pondered if it was even worth the effort to try to get out of it or if I was saver on top of all the (potential) rubble. Since then I've always inhabited single family or duplex.

But apart from security - I think it would freak me out to just look at such an anonymous building and having to call it home. I get that anyway I'm just a number but these buildings just scream uniformity and mass production -they reduce the individual to a thing, somehow. Although this might be a completely individualistic, western thought.

Michael Wolf's Architecture Of Density:
Would You Live Here?

4/5/13 06:11 PM

I couldn't sleep with ear plugs - how would I hear the alarm-clock? But I do have an eye-mask (with two bands to adjust, it never wanders even when I toss and turn). I agree with the post some days ago: I get accustomed to many noises. Once I lived in a lively part of a town in southern Italy and it was madness! Then, when I came back to the rural area where I live my eyes were literally ringing from not hearing anything.
One thing I can't stand though are regular small noises: the ticking of a clock, knocking pipes, that kind of ambient noise just drives me insane! My mother lives in a low-energy, automatically vented building and there is a constant swoosh-click-swoosh noise from the vents and there I have to sleep with ear-plugs, which is fine because I never set the alarm-clock when I'm there.

What Helps You Sleep?
3/22/13 07:02 PM

If the third one is meant as an advertisment is has failed miserably. You can see the water splashing everywhere...
don't like this trend. It is seriously wasteful.

Trend Spotting:
Gold and Brass in the Kitchen

3/20/13 07:36 PM

oh, I should proof-read my posts. Sorry for the grammatical errors!

One Design, Two Budgets:
Global Chic Bedroom

3/7/13 08:27 AM

Another good spots at the moment are the auctioning houses. Yesterday an 88-inches wide modern silk-cushioned sofa sold at Christies for 63$. Such bargains aren't the rule, but there are always nice things for really good prices.

One Design, Two Budgets:
Global Chic Bedroom

3/7/13 08:15 AM

I like it very much. Very bright and vibrant.

It somehow reminded me very strongly of the cover of the big book of small, cool spaces. I checked and even though it isn't the same at all - somehow it resembles that room in color-scheme, rhythm and dynamics. Am I making any sense?

Before & After: Jenna's Living Room Makeover
3/4/13 05:29 PM

30 square meters = 333 square feet
72 square meters = 775 square feet

It's three feet to a meter, as a thumb rule. :)

I like the colours you chose very much and also the travelling-theme, but the clothes rail and the many small pictures in the kitchen disrupt the otherwise very clean atmosphere of your apartment.
The dining-table is adorable, where did you get it from?

Anna's Bigger Small Space in Germany House Call
2/27/13 04:44 AM

Also recommendable is the Domstern in Cologne, the superior room has Designers Guild wallpaper, and it is a thing of beauty - and prices start at approx. 150$ a night, including breakfast.

Design Minded Travel: Hotels in Europe Under $250
7/18/12 03:18 PM

Well, I don't know obviously. But a clean sheet is somewhat protective, in my opinion.
(btw, I never meant to imply that inside duvets, Europeans, whatever, are cleaner than Americans or anything! This was never my intention and if you understood it that way I am really sorry. My comment was made out of curiosity, not arrogance. The way I feel about top sheets is just my preference)
But I don't get into contact with them. Direct contact, that is.
And, there is no "European" here. In Germany, England, northern France, Sweden ecc. people prefer the duvet method, while southeners use top sheets. (as a general rule, there are exceptions of course)
Cleanliness in hotels is a different matter altogether, I think. I try not to think about it, or I'll be the Monk for a year.

Exploring Design in Germany:
Traube Tonbach & Iserlohn

6/28/12 01:44 PM

Thank you, MelissaPauline and all you others, too!
I've been wondering forever why they are called top sheets if really they are in the middle. This method is used in Italy and Spain, too, together with a woolen blanket. And even if these blankets are washed or cleaned regularly they gross me out. I can't *know* or see if they are clean. Linen, however, shows dirt and spots, so I have control over the whole affair.
And yes, we do take off the duvet cover before washing them. (washing them together seems a silly idea because the inner part would never dry before molding sets in, and it is altogether too lumpy an affair.) Even so, my duvet can't be washed together with linen because I wash the former (silk for summer, wool for winter) only with low temperature and the latter with high temperature. And yes, it's a hassle, but during usage that I find it easier to manage because they won't get messy and I don't come into contact with the duvet (or the woolen blanket).

Exploring Design in Germany:
Traube Tonbach & Iserlohn

6/28/12 01:14 PM

ok, great opportunity here: what is the top-sheet for? (Seriously!)

Exploring Design in Germany:
Traube Tonbach & Iserlohn

6/27/12 11:42 AM

Come to Eichstätt! We've got awesome architecture! :)

Exploring Design in Germany:
Traube Tonbach & Iserlohn

6/27/12 09:52 AM

Ginnielizz, the link redirects to the main page of anthropologie.

Water Prints for the Bathroom
5/22/12 05:23 PM

Those prints are gorgeuous, especially the face painter. That said, I'd not put them in a bathroom, because I feel that deco in rooms like the bathrooms should bring some equilibirum. Bathrooms are "water-heavy", so I like to put something that either goes along with it (greenish stuff) or outright opposes it - colors like yellow or orange are much better suited in my opinion.

Water Prints for the Bathroom
5/22/12 09:19 AM

Well, maybe it would be a fire hazard after a while, but I tend to change it every month, so it is neither very grubby nor very dusty. I'm good with that. And I agree with the various commenters that if you leave the stuff up there for years it is dirty, no matter how many layers are between the cupboards and the dirt.

Homekeeping Tip: Keep The Tops Of Your Cabinets Clean with a Kitchen Staple
5/17/12 06:01 PM

Nadine_WPG, we do have paper recycling here. It will be re-used, or I use it, like CLGOGGANS said, to kindle fire. and I like to do take it off because I will know exactly when I've last done it and what had happenend back then. :)

Homekeeping Tip: Keep The Tops Of Your Cabinets Clean with a Kitchen Staple
5/17/12 01:44 PM

Or you could lay out the top of the cabinet with old newspapers. That will do the trick just as nicely and it isn't as environmentally damaging as wax paper.

Homekeeping Tip: Keep The Tops Of Your Cabinets Clean with a Kitchen Staple
5/17/12 09:39 AM

As an additional comment: I'm with krapartist: the site hurts my eyes.
I really loved this blog, and I have recommended it many times, and, like many others, loved the "Saving the world.." line on top. Now this is just a random, cheap-looking, malfunctioning thing. I'm glad I had the old AT for a while at least - I don't think it'll stay in my Top Sites for much longer. :( Sad, sad, sad.

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/12/12 03:57 PM

Don't like it AT ALL. Half of the screen is white, with only a slim strip of tiny-ish pictures and some text in the middle. It looks lost. Please re-do it. Pretty, pretty please with sucre on top?

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/12/12 01:36 PM