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If that pic is sage, then yes, I know plenty of people who cleanse their space using it. In fact, they use sage as a verb, as in, "I had to sage my apartment after _____ left the other night. His/her energy was terrible!"

"Smudge" Home after Breakup?
Good Questions

11/25/11 06:08 PM

I like the perkiness of the place. I've been looking at prewar apts in Jackson Heights and wonder which ones you think are the nicest. Would love to see your bathroom -- the stand alone shower is a wonderful thing!

Rich's Constantly Changing Home
4/17/11 01:07 PM

I lived in Rio for 2 months while in medical school and was the happiest New Yorker in Ipanema. Can't wait to return. I am happy to see there is a burgeoning middle class.

Look! 48 Hours in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
9/27/10 05:30 PM