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I live in Texas and I LOVE air plants. I have in my time killed quite a few ferns and cacti. The best part about these beautifully unique plants is that they only need a spritz of water! I have mine hanging in glass globes I purchases at my work that hang from old ropes. To Aimee, I'm sure you could get these on the web. They require so little water and sunlight, they would be easy to ship! I got mine here for a few dollars each:

They aren't on the website but you can call (713)528-3838

Tillandsias: Air Plants from Garden to Vase
Garden Party

9/22/10 02:41 PM

We just got this amazing silver chair in at High Fashion Home and can barely keep it in stock. The silver piece is upholstered in vinyl, and incredibly soft. It is also available in white and black leather. High Fashion has a showroom in Houston but we can ship anywhere in the continental US.

Where Can I Find a Silver Leather Armchair?
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9/15/10 07:50 PM