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My family had those "brass" eagle plates with a scroll of the D of I on them - back around 1976 when the country was celebrating its bicentennial there was a LOT of that kind of thing going on, decor-wise. Bicentennial wallpaper, switchplates, mailboxes, all kinds of stuff with the marching drummer and fife players......so glad that is behind us!

Insta-Upgrade: Switch the Light Switch
8/5/11 12:54 PM

I eat off melamine plates with my bare mouth.
The sponge is just like very fine sandpaper. Do not feed sandpaper to your babies, do not let your children rub sandpaper on their skin, and yes, do not taunt sandpaper.

Magic Erasers: Toxic or Terrific?
6/23/11 02:21 PM

I really love it - I love the lighting including the cords, I love them put at right angles but not too tight and a little organically twisty, I LOVE the triptych. It is modern but with an organic feel to it, and it speaks of her personal history. I looked into doing one remarkably similar myself for our apartment last June. I wanted to bring some light to a dark wall. In the end I went with four photos from Etsy (Urbandesign) and it makes me happy. Kelly's apartment makes me happy, too!

Before & After: From Bland to Big & Beautiful
12/10/10 08:29 AM

is that spring onion really green beans?

Flickr Find: A Fabulous French Vegetable Terrine
9/29/10 05:05 PM

(they need to turn the house blessing stick the right way up in pic 44, over the sink.)

Ben's Warm & Cozy Austin Apartment
House Tour

9/27/10 08:33 AM

b. 1969 here - and I sleep w/ my phone because 1. It is my alarm clock
2. I read in bed (on my Kindle app)

Why 83 Percent of Millennials Sleep with their Phones
9/26/10 08:43 AM

Could you imagine a "Europe week"? And Europe has less variety than Asia by far.
Meanwhile, I am loving the food!

Asian Week: What Is Your Favorite Asian Dish?
9/21/10 06:53 AM

My new bedroom has no room for a bedside table next to my bed - the door is there! I decided to put a shelf above my head in lieu, then realized I would hit my head on it so I thought I should put a sort of spacer between the bed and wall at mattress height, and then - genius inspiration struck. At least, it felt that way! I put up one shelf level with my mattress at the head of the bed, the same width as my mattress. Now I have a simple and serene feel to my room AND I have a place to put everything, like a book, iPhone (which functions as Kindle and alarm clock both), lamp, asthma puffer, water bottle, etc. It has been over a month now and I am still happy every time I see my sleek shelf.

Saying Adios To Bedside Tables
9/15/10 03:45 PM

It isn't just the dairy, think about it - anything with sugar and moisture will ferment, whether it has been previously cooked or not. Mold growth is also an issue. Those cakes sound deliciously moist, esp the pineapple one, so you are going to have fermentation and bacterial and mold growth. Cooking destroys what buggies were there before, but it doesn't prevent further colonization.

Help! Why Did My Cakes Spoil So Quickly?
Good Questions

9/15/10 03:23 PM