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Beautiful! Doesn't look very comfortable, but I love it.

Meltdown Series by Tom Price
3/2/12 02:09 PM

@abcornwell: Dansko makes a mary-jane style clog that eliminates the top band which might be more comfortable. I love mine!

Essential Kitchen Footwear: Dansko Clogs
2/14/12 11:01 AM

@crumbseverywhere I agree with you about the culturally-specific list, but doesn't that say more about the people who submitted recipes rather than the author of the post?

As for me, my go-to, know-by-heart recipe is a quiche... it's quick, uses up the odds and ends in the fridge, and everyone raves about it.

12 Recipes to Know By Heart
2/13/12 05:10 PM

I second all the recommendations, and have to add my all-time favorite Boston restaurant - Neptune. The two hour wait is worth it.

Toro and the Beehive are fun too.

Gifts for the Design Lover: Experiential Gifts in Boston
11/30/11 01:57 PM

Green Mermaid- try the Hi-Lo Foods in Jamaica Plain or the Stop and Shop (both on Center Street). If you can't find them there, there's a Hispanic market on the corner of Washington and Melnea Cass Blvd.

Pasta Para Duros: The 30 Second Snack
9/15/10 11:56 AM