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The more you use that baby, the less you'll care about what color it is, anyway. Those things are amazing!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Painting a KitchenAid Mixer?
10/17/08 07:31 AM

I adore the Riverbed.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Sanford Burrows Sham SetLos Angeles
9/25/08 10:54 AM

We totally have that pitcher in the fridge right now.

Its full of Kool-Aid. Oh yeahhhh!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Etsy Scavenger: Hobnail
9/24/08 10:45 PM

A friend of a coworkers had her house used in the movie "Youth in Revolt" because they wanted a purple house, and lo and behold, her house was painted purple. They displaced her and her family for an entire month, put them up in a hotel, ripped out one of the exterior walls to put in an old classic car, and then rebuilt the wall after shooting had finished to her specifications. And on top of that, they recieved a TON of money for it. Michigan just signed a bill that allows a big tax break for movies to be filmed here, so I expect that this is gonna start to become more common around my home.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | So Your House Wants To Be In The Movies?
8/28/08 11:09 AM

Hooray Michigan! Love the light.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT Book Alert: Update on David and Im's "onespace"
5/6/08 05:03 PM

If you know any hairdressers (or painters) I bet they have a spare tube key to give you. Not quite as big and substantial, but still fun to use for the easily amused crowd.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Squeeze Out All the Toothpaste
4/30/08 08:10 PM

Oh wow. I'd love that chair in the last and second-to-last photos.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Modern Sense of SpaceMetropolitan Home
4/23/08 09:39 PM

Love the paint color in the living room, as well as the shelves above the window, for some reason. And the TV looks comfortable to watch. The angle and the distance from the couch look like they balance out the height that its mounted at.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #28: Mike Nicole Force Vintage to Meet Modern
4/23/08 03:40 PM

Not to be nit-picky but that appears to be very pretty filet crochet.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: More Knit Lighting at Michelle Varian
12/6/07 08:15 AM