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I've given out googly stick-on eyeballs from the crafts store. They are about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch across and have a peel-off backing. They come in big bags. Plus I can identify illicit repeats even among the non-costumed, because the first thing the kids do is stick the things to their foreheads as third eyeballs. :)

Trick or Treat Alternatives to Candy: Kid Approved!
10/22/11 10:33 PM

If you really want one know that it does not have modern self-cleaning oven convenience. You'll be doing it the old fashioned way, with lots of elbow grease and caustic chemicals.

Green Style: Vintage Stove in a Los Angeles Rental
10/12/11 01:48 PM

I used a standard 9" loaf pan. No problems. But I did have problems with the filling. It tasted fine but my cocoa "veins" turned out quite grainy, with the cocoa lumping together into almost poppy-seed size lumps after baking. All looked perfectly smooth and creamy during prep though, so I don't have clue as to what happened. For the record, I used Trader Joe's cocoa powder. In spite of it though, I'd bake this again. And again.

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9/14/10 12:50 PM