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With Worm Composting there is really very little, if any odor. I suggest keeping the composter in the laundry room, so that it is out of the way and somewhat out of sight. The worms will be fine in any indoor room temperatures and they are pretty hardy. If youre worried about worm's and odor, you might also look into nature's mill. They have a fully automatic electronic composter that plugs into the wall. It is truly odorless and fail proof. Check out Green Compost Bins, they have a ton of educational articles on composting and also have a large selection of compost supplies.

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My name is Tom and I am the co-owner of the website Green Compost Bins . We sell Compost Bins, Tumblers, and worm composters. After composting and organic gardening for a number of years, I thought "Hey, why don't I turn something I love into my career." Our company has grown rapidly and we are now one of the to online retailers of composting supplies. We sell everything from compost supplies, worms, and provide a ton of educational articles for those that are new to composting. If you're new to composting check out our "Composting 101" articles, because we have a ton of beginner and advanced material.

Worm Factory vs. VermiHut Composters: Part 2
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I think that worm composters are a great alternative for those that want to compost on a small scale and indoors. It's really just as easy as throwing the food scraps in the garbage, so there is no change in habit necessary. It is also a lot of fun. My kids loved being involved and it was actually their first "unofficial" pet. Definately a great way to get them into Composting at a young age.

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I know that handling worms is an issue for a lot of people. But you can purchase a premade worm composters that makes the process much more simple. The worms eat the food on the bottom tray, then move to the next tray up when the food runs out. Compost minus the worms is left in the bottom tray, so you can simply add it to your garden. Also, if you don't want to deal with worms, then you can do Outdoor Composting but it is slightly more involved.

How To Start a Home Worm Composting System
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