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I would even freeze the monkey bread after you assemble it- to help avoid over-proofing on the car ride. Let defrost in fridge on the ride and the rest of Tuesday, then pull out to let rise normally on Wednesday morning before baking.

Is There A Way I Can Make Monkey Bread Ahead for Christmas Morning? Good Questions
12/22/13 03:12 PM

Not exactly over the campfire, but friends of mine once cooked a turkey buried in the ground with coals. You dig a hole, build a fire, maybe add some stones or charcoal, then add meat that's been wrapped in foil, then wet burlap, then chicken wire. Add a pipe for ventilation, then fill in the hole and leave buried for several hours. I recently had some ribs that were done this way that were delicious (although a few on the bottom burnt).

Any Tips for Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Over a Campfire? Good Questions
11/19/13 10:48 PM

if it's already dressed I'd try rinsing it off- so that you're left with something a little more versatile.

What Can I Do With An Enormous Amount of Leftover Coleslaw? Good Questions
10/17/13 09:05 PM

My boyfriend has 'smoke-braised' meat on our grills- put your dutch oven right on your grill, and go low and slow- makes for some incredibly flavorful stews. It does take some time, but might be nice if you're sick of grilled meat.

What Are Some Creative Meals Cooked Entirely on the Grill? Good Questions
8/9/13 01:04 AM

I once did cupcakes, decorating each one with "x" or "xy squared" etc. and laid them all out on graph paper to write out some giant equation that a friend was working on. Easy and fun.

Food and Decor Ideas for a Physics-Themed Party? Good Questions
8/6/13 09:47 PM

I second the Costco tortellini/ravioli suggestion. They also usually have nice cheese for cheap.

I think a crowd pleaser would be a (spicy?) Italian sausage in red sauce.
Do pesto with chicken or, for vegetarians, with halved cherry tomatoes and small pieces of fresh or smoked mozzarella
Maybe a pasta alla norma?- roasted chunks of eggplant in tomato sauce- like deconstructed eggplant parmigiana.

Creative Pasta & Salad Ideas for an Italian-Themed Wedding Meal? Good Questions
7/8/13 02:43 PM

Cream puffs would probably work great in that oven, since many recipes have you bake them at a fairly high temperature and then let them sit in the turned-off oven to dry out a bit. Biscuits may be able to withstand high heat pretty well too. Also you might try baking items in a pan of water--this method is used with custards to help regulate heat--might help absorb and distribute excess heat in your case.

What Can I Make in My Small Vintage Oven? Good Questions
6/11/13 09:43 PM

If you want brilliant colors, start with royal icing or powdered sugar buttercream. In my experience, a french or italian buttercream (that is mostly butter, not powdered sugar), will never achieve a deep color.

How Can I Tint Frosting a Deeper Color? Good Questions
5/29/13 08:32 PM

I also recommend cakes that are complete without being frosted (and therefore easier to transport): almond or brown butter cakes with fruit baked into the top, flavored pound cakes, upside down cakes, black bottom cupcakes, etc.

Ideas for Homemade Wedding Desserts That Travel Well? Good Questions
5/13/13 10:02 PM

Just went to a wedding in Michigan City last fall- there was a great butcher shop there- maybe some local meat/jerky with your cheese plate?

Also I've done a lot of tea parties. Scones freeze, as do lemon bars and a lot of other bar cookies. Tea cakes (loaves)- lemon poppy, pumpkin, etc. also freeze well. Brown butter cake (financier-almond pear would be great) holds very well, even at room temperature. For sandwiches, many can be assembled in advance, just cut near to when you'll serve them so they don't dry out. Also try doing wrap/lavash sandwiches that can be rolled up and then sliced, because they'll pack compactly into your fridge.

Biscotti or other cookies that keep well at room temperature?

Elegant, Make-Ahead Ideas for an Afternoon Wedding Reception? Good Questions
4/2/13 10:04 PM

Chinese Tea eggs?

Ideas for Using Tea That's Too Old to Drink? Good Questions
2/4/13 03:51 PM

Just made great lamb meatballs- baked in tomato sauce into which I put a pinch of saffron. Yum.

Learn To Cook With Saffron Reader Resolutions 2013
1/10/13 07:49 PM

And check out the William Shatner Turkey Deep Frying Safety Video!

Little Known Safety Tips for the Holidays
12/5/12 10:13 PM

You can make little fruit/nut clusters with white chocolate and dried cherries or cranberries.
I also like to add some to my lime/lemon curd (just stir it in while it's still hot) for a subtle flavor and extra richness.

What Can I Make With White Chocolate Chips? Good Questions
12/3/12 11:35 AM

Pumpkin flan is delicious.

Also I like adding bourbon whipped cream or bourbon caramel to just about everything.

What Are Some Fun Variations on Traditional Pumpkin Pie? Good Questions
11/15/12 07:21 PM

I grew up near Virginia Bakery and I believe I remember their champagne cake being a chiffon cake with whipped cream frosting and a light custard filling. Looking online there seem to be many champagne cakes, but this looks like a good place to start:
I'd fill it with bavarian cream (pastry cream lightened with whipped cream) and frost with sweetened whipped cream.

Have a Good Recipe for Champagne Cake? Recipe Questions
8/3/12 10:57 PM

Recently made a great batch of Asian-style rice noodles with peanut sauce and vegetables- would be great with tofu/grilled meat as well. Holds at room temperature nicely.

Also I once made some vegetable and cheese turnovers/hand pies with Follow Your Heart vegan cheese- very good!

Can You Suggest Vegan-Friendly Recipes for a Vacation Dinner for a Crowd? Good Questions
7/30/12 12:45 PM

For future reference, iodized or sea salt can be twice as 'salty' --by volume--as kosher salt (because one is fine grain and the other is flaky)-- if the recipe was written for kosher salt but didn't specify so, this might be the problem.

How Can I Save a Batch of Bad Granola? Recipe Questions
6/7/12 07:08 PM

I love the writing and photography in Saveur. They do a lot of international essays- so it's kinda like a travel magazine as well They tend to read my mind as to what I'm interested in cooking and reading about.

I used to get Bon Appetit but they have a very specific, in your face/realist photography style right now that I just don't like so much.

Help Me Decide Which Food Magazines Would Be Best to Subscribe To!Good Questions
6/5/12 09:45 PM

My best discovery of late is that if your ginger is frozen or semi-frozen, it grates like a dream. I keep my ginger in the freezer, let thaw a few minutes, and then use a microplane. It doesn't gunk up the grater like it does when at room temperature, and seems to grate finer.

Quick Tip: Grate Ginger with a Fork
4/7/12 09:22 PM