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First of, there's an undertone of condescension when quoting Bowie. Just saying. It's like there's no choice in the matter. Oh wait, I do I have a choice, I can choose not to come here anymore.

Then there's what I mentioned in my other comment about the names: Re-nest!
Ohdeedoh! Unplggd! Original and unique. Not nerdy or blah. Being an avid Unplggd reader, I sought refuge here after TUAW went and made their site look and function terribly.

If all these changes are to be more popular like Facebook, I have news for you, people use Facebook and the like, for the community-ness of it... having to put up with the look and feel of it is akin to having to suffer sitting on Aunt Marge's PLASTIC COVERED FURNITURE when you go for a family reunion.

Yes, big changes. It's not user friendly (I read most if not ALL the comments on the Welcome page).
Brighter? More like blinding!
And cleaner? Well, if you'd had kept the channels named what they were before, that would have saved some heartache?

What Happened to Ohdeedoh, Unplggd, and Re-Nest?
1/15/12 05:20 AM

Also, TIMES NEW ROMAN????!??

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/15/12 04:27 AM

Don't like the new format AT ALL D:
Bring back the Unplggd moniker. Everyone interested in Tech uses Tech. It's boring, overused, and blah!
Ever since TUAW changed their look and format, Unplggd was my GO TO source, especially when I work at a well known entertainment company where I'm constantly asked for the latest hippest and coolest stuff.

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/15/12 04:22 AM