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Amazing! I too love the purple bedroom just as it is.
Color this bold is a daring step. It all just dances from one room to another. Bravo!

Clint & Lisa's Bold Crayola-Inspired Abode
House Tour

12/2/11 10:04 AM

With just a little peak into the hallway, I'll be the first to say: House Tour please!

Bernd's "Eclectic Red" Room
11/8/11 06:31 PM

I signed in just to vote for your room.
So far lots of rooms have been nice, but this is my favorite by far!

Jamie's "Darwinian Adventure" Room
11/7/11 07:53 PM

<3 the Hand Chairs!!

Decorating With Gold
Jonathan Adler

9/27/11 12:05 PM

I ALSO want that life size robot!
Will JD's grandpa be doing a "How To"? :)

My Room: JD
Gardena, CA

8/11/11 04:13 PM

I agree with the fun box idea. (Also, I love Batman!) Since he's so young, I’d randomly put a fun prize or s “good job” note in the box for him to find. Chores don’t always have to be boring, do they?

Keeping his little sister out of the box may depend on her age and mischief level.

Storage Solution for Hearing Aids?
Good Questions

5/25/11 06:38 PM

I’d give the room an energetic base color, and then let the kids’ have their own towels and accessory caddies to store their personal stuff in. (Which hopefully will also help keep down the clutter in the shared space!)

Add pink or purple and they work well for flowery towels, toothbrushes, etc for the girls.
Add blue or green and they work well for stripes, classic truck colors, etc for the boys’ stuff.

Decor Ideas for a Shared Gender Kids Bathroom
Good Questions

4/1/11 01:45 PM

I second the call to links. I've been following Unplggd for a while, but have not seen all of these spaces.

Hunting through the archives might be very time consuming since we have only one pic as our lead.

Unplggd's 30 Most Inspiring Tech Tours
2/24/11 03:25 PM

This is harder than I thought it would be.
I disagree that most of the "great" rooms are the girl rooms. I like the girl rooms, but the boy rooms are the ones I find myself drooling over most!

Vote Now for your Favorite, Colorful Room!
Small Kids, Big Color Contest 2010

11/22/10 04:11 PM

The simple lines and dark tones, with a little red and metal really lead itself to being attractive in a minimalist space. I’d repeat those colors and elements throughout the apartment.

I would use this as a Bar Cart/Table. It’s a play off of the “cocktail” table, in a fun and grown up way. I’d put a small collection of attractive decanters and glasses on the top, and be party ready! Maybe even pop out the red accent with a red serving tray under the collection of bottles. This would also make them easier to move out of the way when it was time to play.

If you don’t have the space, I’d put in on casters and use it as a coffee table.

How Can I Integrate an Arcade Game Table into My Decor?
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9/21/10 10:58 AM