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Lovely! - just my style. But I have to wonder about all that great sunlight - eventually it will fade the furniture. We have great sunlight in our living room too, and my solution has been to keep the ugly roller shades down during the day to protect the furniture. Not ideal but it's cheap and we're usually not home during the day anyhow. Ideas or thoughts?

Marie & Ben's Scandinavian Chic Shoe Factory Apartment House Tour
7/14/14 09:35 AM

But actually, I don't see a link to enter. What's up with that?

Win: A Customized Chair from Joybird Giveaway
6/30/14 12:34 PM

Love, love, love.

Win: A Customized Chair from Joybird Giveaway
6/30/14 12:31 PM

Why can't I find the Platta thing on the Ikea website?

4 Ideas for Sprucing up that Patio Floor
4/9/14 10:24 AM

I'm a Swiffer gal from way back. I don't use their liquid (even the one they say is OK for hardwood floors) on our wood floors, but their "vac" is great for a quick vacuum of the apartment, and just about does it for our 975 square feet before pooping out. And I like just using the dry cloths to get up the dust bunnies (eg, under the couch). Once, one of their reps gave me a tip which has proved absolutely true: I was having a problem with the vac dying early, and she told me that you need to use it until it goes off by itself -- even if you don't need it, just let it stand somewhere until you get the red light and then stops. If you don't let it discharge the full cycle, you'll have a problem. Now I do that and haven't had a problem since. I love Swiffer!

Are Swiffers Really As Good As They Claim? Good Questions
3/28/14 08:25 AM

"remodels in this lower range faired better. . . " -- should be "fared better. . . "

You need a better copyeditor!

12 Most Valuable Home Improvements You Can Make this Year
2/3/14 11:47 AM

Too many small pictures grouped together; would rather see fewer, larger pics. Nice apartment layout, though, and I like the kitchen :-)

Chris Lynn's Sunny & Simple Austin Abode House Tour
7/23/13 08:22 AM

Love the floor. Is it wood-look ceramic tile?

Found Treasures in Teeny & Aaron's DC Apartment House Tour
7/22/13 09:24 AM

As my neighbor once said to me, when my daughter was about 3, "Never make the stuff more important than the people."

Can't Buy Happiness: 5 Simple Ways to Turn Any House Into a Home You Love
7/4/13 08:46 AM

I think it's simply a matter of your OCD level. The more OCD you have in you, the tidier you're going to want your place to be. Simple as that. I'm verrrry OCDish, so our apartment is always neat. But as someone above said, there is a huge difference between neat and clean. When guests come over, if you're neat, they think you're clean. I tell them to look at the corners of the kitchen, or peer really closely at the kitchen floor, or run their finger over the shelves in the living room. Then they'll see how "clean" we are! Neatness hides many flaws.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/18/13 03:12 PM

I second sarabryant's M.O. (although I do mix new and used). Some of my favorite, most high quality pieces are used, found on craigslist or the sidewalk, if I'm really lucky!

The High and Low Prices of Our Furniture Apartment Therapy On...
5/13/13 02:00 PM

When our now-14-year-old daughter was a toddler (with allergies and asthma, hence, only area rugs over the wood floors), she did normal toddler activities around our third floor apartment. Our neighbor right below us, childless (and soon divorced since he tended to verbally abuse his wife) would knock loudly on his ceiling, our floor, with a broom or something like that. All the time. This went on for many years, past the toddler years, whenever she walked, practically. Also, if we accidentally sort of scraped the kitchen chairs away from the table, instead of silently lifting them, he did his broom thing. Meanwhile, he played his music at deafening levels (I assume to get back at us). Fortunately, few people like(d) him and most commiserated with us. There are now several toddlers in our condo building; upstairs from us, it sometimes sounds like they're moving furniture around, it's so noisy! Doesn't bother me in the least. If my neighbor wants to dwell in complete serenity and quiet, I say get a cabin in the woods. And by the way, we always let him know ahead of time when she was having a sleepover or something like that where there would be a gaggle of girls running around. While he appreciated the advance notice, his basic attitude hasn't changed in 14 years.

Communication Solutions: Smart Ways to Kindly Make Neighbor Requests Renters Solutions
3/12/13 06:03 PM

I love these Cherner chairs. I especially like the arm chair, with its graceful, thin arms coming around as if to hug itself :-)

Side Chair by Norman Cherner
1/21/13 09:57 AM

OK, so I have a question: unless you have special window film, or always leave light-blocking shades down, how will you prevent sun damage to that couch? I've been wrestling with this problem for years. Since we got new living room stuff from Room and Board a bunch of years ago, I DO leave our ugly, light-blocking roller shades all the way down during the day (when we're mostly not home anyhow). How do other people protect their upholstered furniture from the sun?

3 No-Cost Ways I'm Refreshing My Home for the New Year
1/6/13 10:26 AM

Have sex?

Tips for Creating a Mindful Home
12/15/12 05:35 PM

Cherrow414, I agree totally!

10 eBooks We Love...and Half of Them Are Available for Free!
12/2/12 09:11 AM

My place is always neat and clean anyway.

5 Tips to Make Your House Appear Cleaner Than It Is
11/22/12 08:55 AM

We have lived in our place for about 13 years. We moved in when our daughter was 6 months old. We had the floors refinished; we had a living room area rug, and a few other small area rugs. My daughter had asthma and allergies (dust, pollen) as a child and the doctor said the fewer rugs, the better. Our downstairs neighbor (universally agreed in our condo complex to be a mean-spirited, extremely odd little man - used to yell loudly at his wife in the mornings until she finally divorced him) used to bang CONSTANTLY on his ceiling when my daughter was a toddler and young child. Toddlers and young kids make noise!! We DID try to keep the noise down, since her bedroom is right above his. We told her to be quiet in the morning and that kind of thing. But this guy just banged and banged away without ever talking to us. A few times I was so angry that I banged back on the floor with the broom. Sometimes, to get even, he'd turn up his rock music to super-loud levels. Now my daughter is 13 and obviously she doesn't run around so much; when she's going to have a sleepover birthday party with 8 or 10 girls, we warn him in advance. I agree that it's nice to try and accommodate your neighbors to the extent that you can, but some a**holes will never be accommodated no matter what you do.

What To Do When You Are the Noisy Upstairs Neighbor? Good Questions
11/7/12 11:40 AM

Window seat is gorgeous.

Jayme's Row House RehabHouse Call
10/29/12 03:46 PM

A bunch of years ago, it took me an entire year to find the perfect shower curtain. 'Nuff said.

Embracing Patience: Slow Decorating
10/27/12 08:27 AM