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We were happy with the CA Baby diaper cream. We still have some and use it occassionally on light scrapes and rashes.

Diaper Rash Creams: The Dirty Cloth Diaper Secret You May Not Know
6/18/13 06:30 PM

I agree with Gabriel's point that voting shouldn't start until all entries are posted.

Announcing The Small Cool 2013 Finalists! Vote Now for Our Grand Prize Winner
6/4/13 08:54 PM

Thanks for this! Not everyone needs or wants a noisy, gas guzzling mower.

Small Scale Landscaping: Reel Mowers
5/24/13 09:50 PM

@globaltastes: I have heard that MacKenzie-Childs has seconds sales at their factory in beautiful Aurora, NY on Cayuga Lake (at least they used to) Even on sale their items would still be $$. Touring their grounds and home so whimsically decorated is charming, inspiring and wouldn't cost a cent (if you don't live too far away that is).

Garden Design Classics: The Urn
5/2/13 07:10 PM

Great colors throughout and that wall color has personality!

Debra's Jewel Box Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/21/13 07:19 PM

Well hello Hoboken! The light is gorgeous. Sometimes rooms with dark stained woodwork can be a bit too dark, cold and old looking. The color choices and the fact that some of the woodwork is painted helps brighten and warm the space. Lovely.

Carolyn's Decorative Details Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/21/13 07:09 PM

So elegant and the best part is no more vacuuming the stair carpeting!!

Before & After: Cassity Steps Up Her Staircase
3/6/13 09:01 PM

Now that's a thoughtful sister. I'm a bit jealous.

Before & After: Samna Transforms a Studio in 5 Days
2/21/13 07:05 PM

Loved the tour and loved your Dream Sources. The built-ins are charming. My daughter was looking over my shoulder and mentally putting all her Harry Potter books neatly away under the window seat.

This home has many similarities to our 1920s home. Wish we could redo our kitchen like this one! Our woodwork is original and unpainted on the first floor and painted on the second as well. So glad it was never painted downstairs (but it is much brighter upstairs). Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen & Matt's California Craftsman House Tour
1/31/13 09:21 AM

I haven't seen most of this year's movies yet, but was impressesed with the The Hunger Games set design.

I will watch and re-watch movies just for the interior design and beautiful scenery. So many of my favorites are listed in the above comments. I will add Practical Magic and a Single Man. The Victorian house (for the exterior scenes) in Practical Magic was built in a park on one of the San Juan islands in WA state. It's Complicated and Something's Got to Give are watched purely for the interiors--OK Keanu Reeves is not bad on the eyes either....

Interiors Awards: Which Movie Gets
Your Vote?

1/31/13 08:50 AM

I put branches in a large old McCoy vase each winter. I decorate them with glass icicles and German bird ornaments. I sometimes add lights. This year I tucked a few branch lights in with real tree branches. What I love about it is that it can stay up through winter as it is not holiday themed. It adds a lovely winter woodland vibe to the living room and it brightens up dark wintry days.

Simple & Thrifty: Branch Christmas Trees
12/13/12 06:55 PM

When I mentioned the desire to paint my muted pale yellow foursquare Payne's grey (dark grey/blue) with white trim she looked at me with shock and replied " It would really stick out among all these pale colored homes".

I haven't painted it yet, but she gave me another good reason to do it!

Come to the Dark Side:
Houses with Dramatic Exteriors

10/19/12 07:30 PM

The slipcovers on the couch (linen perhaps?) look great and that color seems quite practical. Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

Chris and Rebecca's Contemporary Colonial House Tour
10/11/12 02:06 PM

My husband and got rid of our TV when our first was born. We wanted to get out of the daily habit ourselves and and we wanted our kids to fall in love with other aspects of life first. Several years later we now have a TV (got it a few months ago). It has been working out well. The girls very rarely ask to watch it! It isn't an option for weekdays and even many weekends. (We find that HGTV shows are some of the most G-rated offerings)

A film I enjoyed sharing with them was the French film The Red Balloon. It was a nice introduction to movies as it is quiet, thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing. I like sharing films and tv shows with my children that depict different places and cultures. We enjoyed Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music too.

My Favorite Films for Children Maxwell's Finds
9/5/12 04:54 PM

The pics seem to be hanging too far apart from one another. Moving them closer may unify them a bit and work with the table better too. Or perhaps it's just a bad camera angle.

The color combo in the room is warm and lively.

Bold Prints, Bright Olive Wall &
Warm Wood Dining Table Roommarks

8/7/12 07:43 PM

I just saw that embroidered fox pillow this past weekend at the RISD museum shop. I was tempted to get it and now seeing it looking all charming there in the nursery....I'm regretting my decision a bit! Sweet home-thanks for sharing.

Rachel's Sweet Life House Tour
7/26/12 11:26 AM

Just lovely-I love all the original details and so many of the owner's decorating choices. Thank you for sharing!

Kristina & Tyler's Whitley Heights Home House Tour
7/12/12 01:31 PM

There seems to be a lot going for it except I would absolutely despise having to deal with going to the loo in the middle of the night.

Tentsile: Camp Suspended in the Trees
7/11/12 05:47 PM

There are pros and cons to each way of life, of course. I can definitely relate to this article as I grew up in the Catskills. My mom would drag us off early to church rummage sale, yard sales and garage sales and teach us what to look out for. She moved us to upstate NY from a much more urban/suburbun New Jersey and she just loved hunting for treasures. One of the aspects I like about small town living is there is less emphasis on consumerism and more of a diy attitude (kind of has to be when there are fewer stores).

I enjoy towns regardless of size if there is a thriving downtown where you can walk from shop to shop and enjoy unique stores and cafes.

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 01:02 PM

If the bed is left unmade it makes me feel unsettled looking at it. Making my bed is a fast and east way to get a little peace of mind and the feeling that I have a bit of control in a hectic day.

My husband and I have a rule that whoever gets up last has to make the bed. It is a nice gesture to the poor schmuck(usually me) who gets up first and keeps the kids quiet so that the other parent can sleep in.

Make Your Bed! For Productivity, Profit and Peace
6/26/12 02:35 PM