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WOW !!!!! People should learn NOT TO PAINT iconic mid century wood furniture... Thank you for saving this !!!

Before & After: An Army Green Vintage Broyhill Goes AWOL
7/11/14 10:16 PM

They should bring back the stuff from the late 50's and 60's. These items would sell like hot cakes today ! I would buy a lot of those items !

IKEA Through the Decades: A Time Capsule of Design from the 1950s Through Today A Visit to the IKEA Museum in Almhult, Sweden
7/8/14 03:00 PM

When are contests going to be available to Canadians and other countries ?

Joybird Chair Giveaway Official Rules
6/30/14 03:09 PM

Oh ! I might copy that idea for my cat food !!!! So cute !

Before & After: A Kitchen Gets a Dramatic Transformation with Paint & Hardware Under $700
6/22/14 12:16 AM

That is SO cute !!!!

Before & After: IKEA Doll Bed Does Double (& Triple!) Duty REDDIT
6/6/14 03:05 PM

I wish this lady was my aunt or grandmother :D Awesome house !

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/6/14 05:32 AM

If they could only have a half off sale of all their fabric... Those prices are insane...

Marimekko Celebrates 50 Years of Unikko
5/27/14 09:04 AM

What an improvement !!! Nice job !

Before & After: A DIY Project-Packed Split Entry Makeover
5/26/14 04:56 AM

I'm pretty much in agreement with the majority : what a tacky mess !!!! I would have given anything to have that piece of furniture. I just ordered one on Ebay for 350$ from Denmark because I couldn't find anything close to this in my area... I had been looking for a year now... Please AT, don't encourage these people by giving them attention...

Before & After: A Colorful Decoupage Game CabinetBleak 2 Unique
5/15/14 11:05 AM

When we were still in university, me and my boyfriend lived with his brother and his sister in an apartment in Montreal. One day, me and his brother and sister decided to go shopping at IKEA. We shopped for a couple of hours and the kart was getting very full. So we get to the car and it hit us : " How the &*(%(*# are we going to fit all this in the car ?" With a couple of acrobatics, we managed to fit everything in but we didn't fit in anymore lol - We ended up driving home with me and my face squished in the window, my brother in law was squished in the back and my sister in law did her best to drive back home lol !

Reader Regrets: An IKEA Oops
5/5/14 03:16 PM

It's about what it cost for our kitchen (200 sq ft). It's a lot to pay for a small kitchen... But that's here in Canada (Quebec) so materials might be more expensive in US ? And in our case, we saved on electrical by hiring a retired electrician and by doing the majority of the work ourselves except for the kitchen cabinets that where custom made... And quartz counter top...

Jennifer's Kitchen Renovation: What It Really Cost - A Budget Breakdown Renovation Diary
5/5/14 12:31 PM

That's way too easy :)

The 8 Most Famous Classic American Designers 8 Most Famous American Designers Quiz
4/28/14 01:04 PM

I need some kind of mini credenza like this for my kitchen !!! Want to sell ? :)

Before & After: An Over-Madeover Console Gets Just the Right Amount of Love
4/25/14 06:35 PM

I'm sorry but I have to say "dislike" to this.. It lost it's character & looks cheaper now.

Before and After: Color Block Dresser Making of a Parent
4/13/14 08:48 PM

Why not just clean it and use very colorful items to make it pop. The wood grain and knobs look in ok condition. With these knobs, I see turquoise, orange and yellow accents. Painting it will only make it look cheap... Here are some ideas (less the painted ones :P) :

Would You Paint These Vintage Laminate Pieces? Good Questions
4/11/14 12:04 AM

Way better !!!!

Before & After: Janice's Longer Than Expected But Totally Worth It New Fireplace
4/6/14 11:26 AM

Why are people hating so much ! The after is super nice ! They just haven't but colored accessories yet... I say : good job !

Before & After: From the 1960s to Today!
3/29/14 10:04 PM

I wish we could participate in Quebec, Canada :(

BRING IN SPRING: Win a $500 Shopping Spree from LOFT Giveaway
3/25/14 01:38 PM

I'm sad to ear about Chloe :( At least you gave her the chance to have a good life and be happy ! I have 2 little kitties of my own and they are like my children. I couldn't imagine my life without cats. And I would also add to your list, the comforting and calming effect of purring. It helps me to sleep sometimes !

10 Reasons Living with a Cat is the
Very Best

2/21/14 02:03 PM

Oh WOW ! Please come to my house & make me one !!!! :)

Before & After: Plywood Trash to DIY Desk Treasure
2/16/14 12:56 PM