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I had a similar floor in my bedroom after ripping up shag carpeting and tile. Since it was pine, I was nervous about trying to sand it myself - I've heard it's so soft it's easy to gouge. I hired Dan at http://colonialhardwood.net/ for about $500 to sand it with this big dustless (and it really was) system. There were also sections where a wall had been that were stuffed with cardboard and shims. I got a piece of old flooring from my neighbor's house and Dan cut it down to fit perfectly in that space. Then we stained it a very very dark brown/black and put a bajillion coats of poly on it. It was a small job for him, so he left the supplies and let me put on coats myself. It looks great.
There were some really wide cracks between the boards in places. I used a tip from This Old House and got different sizes of rope, stained them and stuffed them in the cracks. It looks really good.
I did paint the floor inside the closet with white porch paint. That also looks great, but wears less well.

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