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I's a very confusing name for a pink color. ;)

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Guest Post from Kelly LaPlante

7/5/11 10:01 PM

Gorgeous home Nancy! We can't wait to visit you for the March issue of Standard Magazine.

Nancy Mims' Playful and Patterned Home
House Tour

12/9/10 02:17 AM

Hello from Standard and thanks for the great comments. Thought I'd chime in with some info from our end.

We totally miss the magazine that you can hold in your hand, too. Paperless is less expensive and more sustainable so that's the way we are publishing but once a year you can also buy it in coffee-table book form—all 6 issues with no ads. We think that is a pretty good compromise.

We agree that a lot of people are having fun with online publishing and that it does seem to be a new hobby. We spent over a year developing Standard and finding the right contributors to make it a success (so I can at least assure you that publishing is not a hobby that someone can pick up and expect not to be dedicated to.) While I do think that we'll continue to see a lot of online publications, few will last unless they have the moxy to deal with the realities of actually being a publisher. :)

And yes, Kelly LaPlante is my real, given name. I practiced eco-design for 12 years before I started the magazine and it is still just as much of an add coincidence as it was when I started. Sometimes I joke that I was pre-destined for this career.

Hope you enjoy the mag!

PS: Bethany, your comment makes me feel really proud. This is exactly what we hoped people would get from the magazine. :)

New Online Magazine: Standard
9/9/10 09:21 PM