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Click the 'lovely family' link and read about beautiful baby Davy and you'll be even more inspired to buy this adorbs print - can't wait to get mine!

Lovely Love My Family Print
2/15/11 09:52 PM

I LOVE this room - SO inspiring!! Super refreshing to see an unapologetic small space. I think the theme is totally adorable - and Joseph's pretty cute, too - what a happy baby! Bumper on the outside is fantastic! My mother's already bought me one though I hadn't intended on using it - this is the perfect solution to making us both happy! Thanks for sharing -

My Room: Joseph
Zagreb, Croatia

10/8/10 01:40 PM

Please educate yourself before using a hand-me-down breast pump, even if you've changed the tubes. Like Katethegreat said, generally, commercial breast pumps can carry some risk of infection if used by others. The risk is really slim, but I think it's a decision that should be left up to the individual who is educated on the risk involved. Same for used car seats; the only way you know that a carseat doesn't have damage that isn't visible is if you get it new, so just be sure that you really trust the source of your used car seat. That said, I love hand-me-downs and am happy to take whatever I don't want to Goodwill! Then again, I haven't been given stained clothing or broken items (yet!).

What Should You Hand Down To Other Parents?
9/9/10 04:56 PM