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Aside from cribs that transform into a toddler bed, I really don't see the point of buying a toddler bed. Waste of money IMO. Just buy a twin!

Jenny Lind Toddler Bed Family Find
8/1/13 11:33 AM

Bad. Such an great song. :)

Modern Dad: J.B. Schneider
6/13/13 12:22 PM

I get what he means....but...I think when your kid reaches the breaking point when he or she asks to be checked into rehab....a parent is relieved...

Modern Dad: Holman Wang
6/13/13 12:15 PM

Sleep training takes 2 nights...3 at most.

The whole idea behind sleep training is teaching a child how to listen to his or her body and help his/herself fall asleep...I'd argue that to not sleep train is cruel...

..and how did this sweet post turn into an attack on those who chose to sleep train....only on ohdeedoh.

How to be a Great Neighbor to the Mom Next Door
6/4/13 12:11 PM

Holy Moley!!! Some people have soo much time. This is amazing...but really...I find it difficult to find the time to complete projects around the house...nevermind build a mini house on the side.

..I am totaly jealous.

Childhood Dream Come True: Seriously, the Most Incredible Treehouse Ever
6/3/13 12:36 PM

I have no idea what tasty chicken has to do with this!

To Respond or Not to Respond?: When a Fellow Parent Forgets the Golden Rule Dear Baby
4/30/13 04:32 PM

This seems like a "cat in the hat comes back" solution...ah yes...let's wipe the pink ring off of the bathtub with mother's white dress...that will solve the problem....

Quick Tip: How To Clean Up Glitter Messes
3/5/13 04:45 PM

Nah...just donate it! Seriously! Memories live on in the heart and soul of a person....not in its physical presence. I'm slowly getting over my need to physically keep reminders of memories. Let go.

Ideas for Outgrown Play Kitchen? Good Questions
3/4/13 04:25 PM

Those curtains are the same as Sarah Richardson used in her sophistico nursery.

Before & After: Guest Bedroom to Beautiful Nursery Life Behind the Ivy
2/21/13 04:14 PM

Sorry....before the grammar police of ohdeedoh get to me..."piece" ..."i" before "e" except after "c"....butter fingers...

Aah or Eek!? Drawing on the Furniture
1/24/13 03:49 PM

Unless I have a very old peice of furniture that I really don't care about...and that I will throw to the curb if my experiment fails....Total Eek!

Aah or Eek!? Drawing on the Furniture
1/24/13 03:47 PM

My triplets' birthday is right between xmas and new can imagine the amount of toys they receive in a very short span of time! Our solution is to take them away for litterally half a year. We take them out in the summer time and it's Christmas all over again. This has worked well up to now...I imagine they will become more insistent as they grow older and want to play with their new toys right away...but for now it works.

Taming Toys: A Fresh Start for 2013
1/8/13 12:50 PM

How on earth do you find a cheap stethoscope?! ...or at least one that doesn't look like it came from the dollar store!?

A DIY Play Doctor's Kit My Poppet
8/2/12 02:55 PM

Really? A post on this!!?? Why not just buy smaller notebooks? They sell them right next to these at the Dollar Store.

Quick Tip: Cut Notebooks In Half For Kids Dishing It Out
7/18/12 04:05 PM