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There's not going to be a lot under the
Christmas tree but I'd sure like to see this.

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12/1/09 09:32 PM

I've lived in several states too --
Missouri -- where you can buy anything at the grocery store or the gas station even
Kentucky -- the county I lived in was "moist" and you could buy drinks at restaurants and bars, but anything packaged you would have to go to another county (or state) to buy wine/beer/liquor.
Pennsylvania -- like it's been said - beer at one store, wine and liquor at another, total pain if you need more than one option

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4/30/09 01:51 PM

Applesauce! or Chili

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9/25/08 10:46 AM


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6/19/08 10:19 AM

We have this pan and LOVE it and use it all the time. Mostly we use it a lot like a skillet, but some of the things we love about it are

-- plenty of space to cook nearly anything.
-- the handle of the lid is perfect, you don't even need a hot mitt to protect your hands when you remove it, unlike a lot of knob handles
-- the little loop handles make it easy to store too, because there's no giant skillet handle getting in the way
-- also love the loop handles because its easy to carry to the table, the weight is distributed between both hands, instead of one trying to balance a heavy skillet.
-- it's durable, we can use pretty much any utensil we have in the kitchen in this pan

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6/16/08 09:38 AM

Cherry Pie and tons of vanilla ice cream. MMMMM

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6/12/08 02:28 PM

Fresh fruit and shortbread cookies.

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5/16/08 07:14 AM

Some pulled pork for a bbq... my mouth is watering already.

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3/13/08 10:31 AM

Sadly, Kroger is the best grocery store in the small town where I go to school.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Kroger: Grocery Store
3/5/08 09:18 AM

Give some credit to the original artist please. It's from which has all sorts of awesome comics.

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2/28/08 06:03 AM

awww that's really cute, and a great idea

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Suitcase Stroller
2/19/08 12:50 PM

I found some in the coffee aisle at Whole Foods, so you can try there.

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1/30/08 08:07 AM

For the pet beds for the Humane Society suggestion-- how about thrift store pillow cases?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What to Do With an Old Memory Topper?
1/25/08 08:53 AM

I'm seeing those filled with about three cherries each, with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Flickr Find: Tiny Fruit Pies
1/15/08 05:59 AM

Ooh! I love this.

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: Grandfather Clock from Spring
12/21/07 04:39 PM

Framed photos maybe in b&w or antiqued shades, hints of team colors, shadowboxes with memorabilia, subtly sports themed items.

I like brown leather furniture, that deep chocolate-y brown.

I've also seen some neat displays of old tickets, programs, etc under the glass on coffee tables.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Sports Club: How to Design A Sports Room
12/21/07 01:31 PM

those are darling!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: Igloo Candle Holder from Clio Home
12/20/07 12:30 PM

Constant Comment from Bigelow. My aunt used to serve it when I was little, and I "refound" it a couple years ago.

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12/20/07 10:34 AM

I'd hide my PJs in there, and maybe my cell phone at night, since I like to keep it close.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Holiday Gift Bag #14: Goodies from ROMP
12/20/07 08:49 AM

Chili is great for big groups... You can even have several types going in different crock pots. We usually have crackers, cheese, sour cream, noodles and such going for toppings.

We've also done the pasta route, with the sauces in crock pots. One was just a marinara, one with meatballs in the sauce, and one a meat sauce. Just remember to toss the noodles in either butter or oil to keep them from sticking to one another since guests are adding the sauce later. Don't forget Parmesan cheese, and lots of crusty bread.

If you do a big pot of stew, but don't have a lot of bowls, we've also served such items in coffee mugs, so we would have less waste when the whole thing was through.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Good Question: Casual Dinner Party for Twenty?
12/20/07 08:40 AM